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/ 15 September 2013

The automotive enthusiasts and owner of Kickass Choppers; Veroland, tells us some of his favorite things for our first issue of You’re It!

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Still the first on my travel list, cause most of my family and friends live there
Any random ticket to a place I could purchase on the spot


Meeting new people
I’d like to get to know and talk to a lot of people regardless we have the same interest or not.
Finding new places
I’m always on the lookout for good vibes; office, hangouts, or whatever. Just as long as people accept me for whom I am.


1948 Panhead
This motorcycle has been a part of my life, so it’s gotta be on the list
My own customized Panhead
Desus Panhead
I built this for Desus but I gotta admit; this cycle is hot!

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69 Pontiac GTO
As soon as I finished high school, I drove this baby into college
Toyota FJ40
To me, by far this is the most perfect 4×4 Jeep
Mercury 51
Why I love it? When it comes to customizing this car, the sky’s the limit!


As long as it’s outdoors, I’m good. Also, I can’t really name places. . .or I’ll have to kill you *laughs*

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Cross Fit
I’m enjoying the feeling of being healthy at the moment. I used to be obese. Now I have the energy to do everything that I do, I’m stronger. . .in everything *laughs*
Building Motorcycles
I enjoy every single process; it’s like a blank canvas of everything you like that you can ride. Hence the term “it’s my ride” and it’s also a part of fashion.


Connecting with movies
I like it when I watch a movie and the place or the scene is something I’ve been in or gone through, or when the dialogue is something that I can relate to.

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Classic American Lifestyle
I’m into the classic American lifestyle whether its music, furniture, cars, also their pinball machine. I like to collect lots of vintage and secondhand stuff such as literature about automotive, kitchen-wares from the 50s (50s style diner).


I like gardens and going to parks. I like cruising on my motorcycle around the Kebayoran area, passing by places with lots of big trees – I like that. Gunawarman is the perfect place for that.

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I love watching concerts, but the first thing that comes to mind when asked about this is this one time I watched Death Angels in Bulungan and the tickets are cheap. What I remembered most is the concert kicks-ass!


I like driving and paying attention to the traffic (rules and regulations) abroad.

I randomly listen to radio stations when I’m out of town or when I’m in a random town.

I pay attention to colors

I try out noodles; each and every kind I could find


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