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Ongga Pratama
/ 26 November 2013

Bali based jewelry designer of Just for the Money talks to Sub-Cult about the things that gets her all fired up with energy. She also tells us why she enjoys sarcasm, “I love sarcasm, it’s like a nice way of saying jokes.”

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Johnny Ramli
He’s like my mentor. He is the first Indonesian jeweler that I really have a crush on. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wear his stuff.
He has these stories when he makes his pieces, also the way he chooses his materials such as bones and crystals.
Jordan Askill
This guy put jewelry on the next level. He makes sculpture; he has the ability to sculpt things with stories behind them. It’s art.


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I love movies that pays attention to details; the costumes, putting the details correctly according to the era. That’s insane man. The King & I are one of the first movies I love!
Wes Anderson – The Royal Teenenbaums
Michel Gondry – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Sophia Coppola – The Virgin Suicides


My vice is Indonesian street food. This year my resolution is to value myself more: exercise more, only drink during the weekends, and eat healthier – and that’s Indonesian street food.



It’s a part of me now. I’m at a stage where I need to meditate everyday where I need to breathe and surrender. On meditation you can just let go. I over-think about everything, obsessing about the little things, that’s why I jump into meditation – it keeps me sane. There’s one quote by Sonia Ricotti that gets to me: “Surrender to what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be.”



These are my favorite tunes at the moment. I like music not because they’re cute or something, it’s gnarly. If they’re good, then they’re good. You don’t need to brag about it, the same (theory) applies to people. I also create music playlist because talking is overrated and I can’t express how I feel, so the playlist shows my real feelings.
The Weekend


Being a stranger in nowhere-ness and enjoying my own presence. Sometimes I go with friends, but most of the times it’s just me and the universe.




I literally love dancing to the point that I can cry. If the music is good then I can lose myself dancing. It’s very liberating.



I love wine, if people saw me holding a bottle of beer they would probably ask “what are you doing?” because that’s so not me. As for my favorite . . I like imported cheap wine, that is good. *laugh*


To me black and white is really an emotional color. Colors are just true color, it is what it is (exactly the way you see it). With black and white you will see the other side of it. There’s so much beauty in black and white. My grandfather is a photographer who develops all his photos in the darkroom; I grew up with that. He took lots of pictures of me when I was little.
Heidi Slimane
Helmut Newton
Nick Knight




You know those treasure chests in aquariums? I’m obsessed with that. I’ve always been obsessed about finding treasures ever since I was a child – who cares about the gold coins, I want the jewels *laughs*

I love going to karaoke alone

I believe that I’m going to marry the guy from The Strokes

I need my space. People see me as a social person, but I value my “me time”

I believe I’m a warrior queen.  I just wanna walk around with my sword and fight for justice.


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