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Mark Soetantyo
/ 19 March 2014

Owner of Mama Goose and self-proclaimed clean freak gives Sub-Cult a peek into his daily lives and routines, and sets the new standards for the definition of O.C.D.



I’m very much influenced while I was learning there. I (started) paying attention to cultures, I also became more open minded. I could just sit in cafes watching people walk-by.

Rueben Hills
This coffee shop is close to where I live, I think they serve one of the best coffee shops in Sydney.
MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art)
Sometimes they have these random pieces, its so artsy that you don’t even understand what it is anymore *laughs* but is good for inspirations.
Gordon’s Bay
This place is a secret place, only locals know this place. There are no tourist, that’s why I like it, they can be annoying sometimes.

gordonsbay web 


This has been one of my dreams, to create something like Topshop or ZARA but local made. We have the manpower and everything else, so why not? Whether this store houses other people’s brands or my own design, it’s always been my dream.




A good bookstore is always an aspiring place. I can spend all day in a bookstore just looking at good books.


I enjoy cleaning; I used to be such a clean freak but got better ever since I moved to Australia. I don’t like creases on my clothes, it has to be ironed out. Even when I travel I always borrow iron from the hotel to iron all the clothes in my suitcase.

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This has something to do with me being someone liking clean design and minimalism. I have almost all sorts of Apple products, you name it; iPhone, iPod, MacBook, iPod minis. . .every time they released a new product, I buy it.


I’ve always liked the Japanese aesthetic; the designs, fashion, they incorporate clean lines. If I was born again I’d like to be Japanese. My recent hobby is to listen to Google Translate for Japanese pronunciations *laughs*. I also recently found this video on YouTube, I’m obsessed with it: ‘How To Iron a Shirt ASMR’.

japan web


I collect stuff from Japanese magazines, from random tote bags that I practically never use. I also collect vinyl toys, mostly Medicom, Bearbrick, and Kubrick. I also collect candles, lookbooks from brands that are hard to get. I remembered getting Supreme’s lookbook at their London store, at first they wouldn’t give it to me but I asked Stacia (my girlfriend) to persuade them and after a while they caved in.

collect web5

collect web4

collect web3

collect web2


Since my background is graphic design and I’m used to lying out with grids, it eventually rubs on every aspect of my life. I pack my suitcase in grids, I made my bed in grids – it’s hard to describe but design kids will understand.

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I can’t sleep if my wardrobe is open.

I polish my shoes every night. Well not every night, but every two to three days.

I hate to admit this but I enjoy ironing, it’s like therapy.

My pet peeve is when I order coffee and my coffee arrives without a Rosetta leaf on it. Hey I’m not the only one; the Green Hornet also doesn’t like it.

There was a time in my life where I color code my clothes.

This rubs off from my mother, but I can’t stand looking at paintings hung a bit crooked. I can lose concentration just because of this.

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