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Rest in Beats: A Night to Remember J Dilla and Nujabes
, / 24 February 2017

Quite a number of people have mentioned things along the line of “God needed a DJ so he called J Dilla/Nujabes”. It would be hard to argue to such a statement since Nujabes and J Dilla have definitely left their mark on to the people in the Hip-Hop culture and beyond. It’s undeniable that their beats have definitely colored the streets from where they came from all the way across the globe where hip hop has a home.

This time, Interrupted organized an event to commemorate the beat masters at Mondo by The Rooftop, Jakarta. Since both of them came and left the earth on the month of February, it would only be right to close this good month with a gathering to pay our respects to Dilla and Nujabes. A merry gathering filled with fine tunes provided by Greybox, Ffonz, Klapr, Gilang, and Matter Mos at Jakarta’s most famous music melting pot, Mondo by The Rooftop. Donuts will be handed out to those attending the event.

Rest in Beats: A Night to Remember J Dilla and Nujabes

Mondo by The Rooftop, Fatmawati, Jakarta Selatan

26 February 2017, starts 4 PM

FDC : Idr 50.000

Visit Interrupted for more info!

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