~ What’s On ~

Senyawa’s first ever concert in their own homeland
7 December 2016
DEKADENZ’s laast bash of the year
30 November 2016
A bunch of kids with mutual feelings, making something to raise people’s awareness
25 November 2016
The epic collaboration between music and visual art
16 November 2016
One of the coolest Thrash Metal band from Jakarta is throwing a launch party for their second album!
11 November 2016
Another reason to celebrate the dance scene in Jakarta
10 November 2016
Together with Tokyolite and friends let’s enjoy some rhymes and stories in A Nite With Tokyolite!
31 October 2016
Celebrate the horror with cool bands!
27 October 2016
Jakarta’s most anticipated fashion event is back
17 October 2016
The Barcelona post-punk unit, Belgrado, will make Jakarta colder than a Serbian winter on 29th of September 2016
28 September 2016
The mid-week party is back with another interesting line-up!
21 September 2016
A party where bands and DJs experiment their music together under the dark side of the mirror ball
21 September 2016
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