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Keuken 2016: Revisiting The River
/ 19 August 2016

The HTH Experience is back with their one-day food festival, Keuken 2016. The festival will also become the seventh installment and will be held on August 21, 2016 at East Cikapundung, Bandung.


There will be 40 food tenants, food trucks and highlight boots joining Keuken 2016. There will also be a lot of interesting performances from chefs and cooks like Batara, Enhaii Bartender Club, I Gede Anggara, Kania & Gianna, Michael Sumali, and Safira. If you’re a coffee lover and wants to learn more about coffee, there’s a special Cuptasting feature presented by Coffee-Cult. Want to try a full-set course by Dimas Putra Pratama? You can register yourself to a special feature called Lesehan By The River. You can taste the food while giving your ears some pleasure by performances from 5 bands like Lökahino, Maraha, Mesopotemia, Tre, and Symphoni Polyphonic. Also there are music selectors like Haxanized, Awfi, A.J, Adit Undead and more to keep your culinary day entertaining.

If you want to come to Keuken 2016, register yourself at Keuken‘s website. You’ll get more information about the event through the website.

Let’s eat!


Anida Bajumi

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