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, / 21 September 2016

There are a lot of parties around Jakarta, and you start to get bored with all the mediocre parties. Maybe you’re just tired of going to parties with the same top 40 playlist played over and over again. You need something new, fresh, unusual with some “left wing” vibe parties. A fun party with a cool playlist. Well, DEKADENZ is the answer.

DEKADENZ was the name given to a number of musicians and music selectors who value synthetic, rhythm, metal beats and primitive electronics over popular views of music. If you like electronic body music, this is the right party for you because DEKADENZ’ style and character praises the contemporary dialog of electronic body music which can be connected to an abnormality and sometimes absurd in nature. It springs from Industrial with the main difference being that it’s more dance-oriented. Not in the way like the common Euro-Dance and such, but in havin’ a more defined bassline, very repetive beats, and heavy processing. Now it is a party dream that becomes reality in Jakarta where bands and DJs experiment their music together under the dark side of the mirror ball.


DEKADENZ itself has three resident DJs. They’re Jonathan Kusuma, a musician, producer and DJ living in both Jakarta and Singapore. Currently he’s signed under I’m a Cliché (Paris) and has upcoming releases on Cocktail D’Amore (Berlin), Ene (Japan), Correspondant (Paris) & Neine Records (UK). Next, there’s Aditya Permana, a drummer turned producer for Agrikulture, Indonesia’s emerging electronic band with their famous hit “Underground Trash.” Currently, he is the Music Director and resident DJ of Lucy In The Sky and Bauhaus 1933. Last, Ridwan Susanto, one of the founders of Quirk it!, a seminal underground traveling sound system party in Jakarta, with a release on Greyhound Recordings (San Francisco), and also involved in Electrogusto Music label in California. For the upcoming DEKADENZ, they will have Sunmantra joining the party. Sunmantra is a techno band created by Jonathan Pardede dan Bernardus Fritz Adinugroho. Their first single “Silver Ray” has been release on Sinjitos records. Their cutting edge sound will definitely push the boundaries of electronic music in the local scene. And that’s what people will experience for any live performance in any DEKADENZ party.


Don’t miss the party! Come to FJ on 7 on September 24, 2016. The show starts from 21.00 until 04.00. Follow DEKADENZ on Instagram and Facebook to get more updates! For any inquiries please e-mail : dekadenznow@gmail.com

Anida Bajumi

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