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1888 Hotel
1888 Hotel (part of the 8 Hotels group) is an eclectic and stylish 90 bedroom boutique …
21 October 2013
A new design hotel has opened in the heart of Jakarta, Kosenda Hotel, founded by Ruben …
11 October 2013
Villa SSK in Tokyo Bay
The black wood and glass villa is a creation of Takeshi Hirobe Architects and placed in …
25 September 2013
Juneau & Icy Strait Point: The Last Frontier Alaska
Alaska is one of the most distinctive places we’ve ever been, in an extraordinary way for sure. It’s located up far to the north of this planet Earth, that’s why people called Alaska as The Last Frontier
10 September 2013
Benny Gautama: A Taste for Design
Sub-Cult was lucky enough to get a moment out of Benny Gautama’s time for a chat, and believe us when we say he’s a hard man to get a sit-down interview with
1 September 2013
The Golden Land of Myanmar
As a country overall, there’s no better way to describe Myanmar other than being Southeast Asia’s best kept secret
22 August 2013
Kasbah Tamadot
Sir Richard Branson opened yet another luxurious retreat, this time in sunny Morocco, called the Kasbah …
30 July 2013
Vespa: Bandung Journey pt.2
For our Vespa journey in Bandung we visited a cool ceramics workshop and ate at one of Bandung’s luxurious restaurant, and many more
20 July 2013
Vespa: Bandung Journey pt.1
Our first day of Vespa journey around Bandung starts with checking in at a stylish theme hotel to visiting the coolest warehouse ever
19 July 2013
Botswana: There’s an Elephant at My Door
Botswana makes up for what it lacks in alluring white sand beaches and islands with unparalleled abundance of wildlife and one of the largest inland deltas in the world
13 July 2013
Honolulu, Hawaii
The capital state of the wonderful Hawaii, a name that’s already drawn on your head as an exotic island with its Hula and Polynesian Dance, Fruit Punch, Beach, Hibiscus, and maybe Pearl Harbor
8 July 2013
Vespa: A Journey in Bali Day 3
Our last Vespa journey in Bali. We wake up very early, have a quick breakfast at the hotel, a good massage at Bodyworks and end the day with dinner at Mantra
29 June 2013
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