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New Nokia 3310
The legend’s rebirth
24 February 2017
Alo Smartphone
The future is here
2 February 2017
Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept Car
Futuristic yet nostalgic
10 January 2017
GoPro Karma Relaunch
After an overhaul, GoPro is set to relaunch its Karma drones
5 January 2017
Gionee M2017 Smartphone
Giving luxury phone manufacturers a run for their money
28 December 2016
iPhone 8 with Curved Screen
A preview of Apple’s new ‘innovation’
7 December 2016
1 December 2016
100 New Species in Pokemon GO
With the hype dying down, developers are preparing for a follow up punch to keep players engaged
30 November 2016
Master Time Management with Slice Planner
A brand new hybrid planning system that combines old-fashioned paper planner with a digital calendar
23 November 2016
Leica’s First Ever Red Lens
A limited edition version of the APO-Summicron-M 50 mm f/2 ASPH
16 November 2016
CMRA: Apple Watch Strap with HD Cameras
A watch strap that is able take photos with a flick of the wrist
14 November 2016
Finish off Your Look with Buttons by i.am+
Listening to music just got stylish
10 November 2016
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