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Tony Hawk’s Pro Singer
After the success of their early 2000s emo karaoke night, sobathumming is back with another karaoke …
23 February 2017
Warpaint live in Jakarta
The girls finally made to Jakarta
23 February 2017
The Great Electroclash Swindle
An annual New Wave, Electronic, Acid, House, Techno, Post Punk celebration
22 February 2017
Rebelsuns. releases new single
Jakarta based pop rock duo or whatever-you-called-it releases a tinkling catchy single!
17 February 2017
VH1’s The Breaks TV Series
A must watch for Hip-Hop fans
14 February 2017
CAESAR Stream ‘Crossed Wires’
The quartet push the creative experimentation of indie and shoegaze to its limit
10 February 2017
Yung Mil Release Video for ‘Long Run’
Confident tale of broken friendships and letdowns of his idols and peers
7 February 2017
Piston – Titik Nol
A debut album for Jakarta’s own Piston. Get yours now!
3 February 2017
Push The Button
Block rockin’ beats tribute to The Chemical Brothers!
2 February 2017
Hurt’em releases debut album Condolence
A chaotic, insane, vicious, and frantically honest grindcore album
27 January 2017
Spasial Session by Norrm: Who Let the Birds Out
Kolibri Rekords debut showcase featuring their two newest roster members!
26 January 2017
Nerv.ous x Skandal Tour 2017
Two indie rock bands from YK teams up for a string of weekend tours
26 January 2017
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