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Jake Houlsby Releases New Single ‘Oklahoma’
The second track taken from his Vondelpark EP out on 5th May
31 March 2017
Bright Young People Releases New Single ‘Suppress Happiness’
Bright Young People are hitting it hard and fast with their rapid ascent into the world of dirty-as-you-like rock and roll
22 March 2017
Speakman Sound drop psychedelic house offering ‘Pangea’
Brand new Glastonbury production duo Speakman Sound take dance into uncharted territories
16 March 2017
Barefood releases full album Milkbox
Barefood’s long awaited album
8 March 2017
Dantevilles Unleash New Single ‘Graffiti’
The song is about standing out above everyone else
7 March 2017
Jakarta Soul Family and Friends Gathering
The Wondersoul Weekender event invites Mods back to their spiritual home
4 March 2017
Supersonik: Skalie
The Jakarta based Ska band, Skalie, is releasing their second album alongside a documentary movie about their 20 years journey
3 March 2017
Not Your Average Event Recap
Our good friends from Goodnws threw an event to celebrate the life of J Dilla called Not Your Average and here is a recap of what went down
3 March 2017
H&M Spring Icons Selected by The Weeknd
The campaign highlights The Weeknd’s vision on what’s iconic for him
28 February 2017
Annabel Allum released ‘Rich Backgrounds’
Expanding from her folk roots into slacker territory
27 February 2017
Rest in Beats: A Night to Remember J Dilla and Nujabes
A night to remember the beat masters, Nujabes and J Dilla!
24 February 2017
Not Your Average : Tribute to James Yancey AKA J Dilla
Together with The Safehouse and Highland Park, Goodnws pays tribute to the GOAT, James Yancey a.k.a J Dilla.
23 February 2017
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