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Star Wars VR Experiment
Plunge yourself into the battle of Tatooine and deflect Stormtroopers force blasts in this new VR experiment
16 March 2016
2 November 2015
Street Fighter V
The return of Dhalsim
28 October 2015
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 Trailer
Activision has finally lift the curtains on THPS 5’s trailer so we can catch first glimpse of this much anticipated game
14 July 2015
The Grand Budapest Hotel Inspired Game: Maquisard
Some students at NYU’s Game Center just released a video game called Maquisard, which inspired by Wes Anderson’s movie ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’.
11 July 2015
Xbox X Undefeated Limited Edition Controller
Undefeated’s first collaboration with an electronic gaming console manufacturer resulted in a very limited edition Xbox controller
9 July 2015
FIFA 16 To Feature Women’s National Teams
One of our favorite EA releases has got to be FIFA Football and EA has just announced a big one in regards to its FIFA franchise
18 June 2015
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