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Tony Hawk’s Pro Singer
After the success of their early 2000s emo karaoke night, sobathumming is back with another karaoke …
23 February 2017
Skate City Trailer
Gameplay beats graphics any day
30 January 2017
Death Stranding Full Trailer
The second trailer for Death Stranding features Mads Mikkelsen
9 December 2016
The Last Of Us Part 2 Trailer
All aboard the hype train!
6 December 2016
100 New Species in Pokemon GO
With the hype dying down, developers are preparing for a follow up punch to keep players engaged
30 November 2016
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo’s brand new console is set for release next year
21 October 2016
Resident Evil : The Final Chapter
We’ll just keep crossing our fingers in hoping that it won’t turn out like Resident Evil : Retribution
20 October 2016
Watch Dogs 2
Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is back with its sequel
2 September 2016
Hideo Kojima’s New Game Death Stranding
Hideo Kojima unveils his first game after leaving Konami
19 June 2016
EA Sports’ long running football franchise gets an upgrade and it is looking better than ever
15 June 2016
Xbox One S
An all new slimmer and smaller Xbox One with 4-K capability
13 June 2016
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