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Vespa: A Journey in Bali Day 1
When Vespa picked Sub-Cult to go on a journey to Bali, we decided to do it in style. We picked awesome places that we’d love to visit during the journey.
27 June 2013
Yesterday Lounge
We discovered a hidden gem in the middle of the busy streets of Antasari and we …
13 May 2013
Motel Mexicola – where señor and señoritas chill
Hola ¿cómo estás? Bienvenido a Motel Mexicola! Don’t be fooled, this quirky establishment isn’t actually a hotel …
23 April 2013
Traveling Around Bangka Island
Pulau Bangka’s beauty is somewhat overshadowed by its neighboring island Belitung. Which is quite unfortunate actually, since the island offers almost everything
10 January 2013
Junkyard: Where It All Ends
One of the perks of living in Jakarta is that there are so many new places …
27 December 2012
A Spanky’s Good Time
Billed as a haven for those who love tender ribs and dirty martinis, this newly opened …
8 November 2012
Italy: Best Destination for Food & Wine Lover
Italy is considered as one of the pearls of Europe. It is notable for its incomparable delicious cuisine, trendy fashions, classy and romantic ambiance & hospitable culture
2 November 2012
Mykonos: 24-hour Partyland
Mykonos island in Greek is prominent for its nightlife, this place is undeniably filled with tourists who are mostly also hardcore party goers
15 October 2012
Hong Kong: Outside The Neon Lights
The real Hong Kong is always just a few steps away from the bright neon lights of international brands
10 October 2012
The Best of Czech Republic
The Czech Republic is located in East Europe, with Prague as it’s capital. Prague is oftenly …
8 August 2012
Taco Local
Tucked away between Mangia and Orbis clothing store complex in Panglima Polim, lies Taco Local. Well, …
1 August 2012
Jiro Dreams Of Sushi
Officially, “Shokunin” is a Japanese term meaning in the same vein as “artisan” or “craftman”. But, …
28 June 2012
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