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An Intimacy Vol. 13: Assembling Afterwards
Bigger and new things form An Intimacy
16 December 2016
Devá States 1st Anniversary
This is one party you won’t want to miss!
14 December 2016
Mayhem X: His and Hers edition
The most marvelous indie disco party to end 2016!
10 December 2016
DEKADENZ #5: their last party in 2016
DEKADENZ’s laast bash of the year
30 November 2016
2 AM Club Launching Party
A bunch of kids with mutual feelings, making something to raise people’s awareness
25 November 2016
The epic collaboration between music and visual art
16 November 2016
Speedkill “Buas” release party.
One of the coolest Thrash Metal band from Jakarta is throwing a launch party for their second album!
11 November 2016
Floor Interrupted by Interrupted
Another reason to celebrate the dance scene in Jakarta
10 November 2016
9 November 2016
A Nite with Tokyolite
Together with Tokyolite and friends let’s enjoy some rhymes and stories in A Nite With Tokyolite!
31 October 2016
The Grin of Sumanto
Celebrate the horror with cool bands!
27 October 2016
22 October 2016
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