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Gotham City Sirens
Harley Quinn is coming back and she’s bringing along her friends with her
14 December 2016
1 December 2016
Ghost in the Shell first official trailer is out!
See Scarlett Johansson become a mobile armored riot police
17 November 2016
Bad Brains’ HR Gets His Own Biography Film
Bad Brains’ frontman is getting a not-so-bad biography film
3 November 2016
M. Night Shyamalan’s Split
James McAvoy teams up with mystery mogul M. Night Shyamalan
27 October 2016
Resident Evil : The Final Chapter
We’ll just keep crossing our fingers in hoping that it won’t turn out like Resident Evil : Retribution
20 October 2016
Zelda x Ghibli Studio fanmade trailer
Someone made a fanmade trailer of Zelda movie in the style of Ghibli studio and nailed it
29 September 2016
NYAI by Garin Nugroho
A one take masterpiece from the master himself
16 September 2016
Headshot by The Mo Brothers
The Mo Brothers are back and will surprise you with more blood!
8 September 2016
Witness the horror!
30 August 2016
Meet Russia’s version of The Avengers
25 August 2016
Andalusia joined NAFF It Project 2016
Andalusia, an Indonesian movie got elected by It Project 2016 to join Networking Asian Fantastic Film in South Korea.
18 July 2016
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