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The World And I: Heri Dono’s Art Odyssey
A Retrospective Exhibition 1984-2014 and Book Launching “The World & I : Heri Dono’s Art Oddyssey by Jim Supangkat”
23 June 2014
ART|JOG 2014 “Legacies of Power”
A very critical and captivating exhibition as they point out politic in Indonesia as this year’s topic
22 June 2014
Klab Lucifer
Duto Hardono decided to see ideas paradoxically, kill stereotype and morals which basically define every picture humans live in
18 June 2014
An exhibition by Arris Aprillo and Moreza, it’s where both artists let their ideas and imagination roam free, as well as hope and messages through posters
17 June 2014
ART|JOG 2014 “Legacies of Power”
The upcoming ART|JOG 2014 will feature the theme of Legacies of Power with a focus on the year 2014, a political year for Indonesia
10 June 2014
Back To The Future #1: Grindhouse
Three artists – Ahmad Oka, Decky Firmansyah, and Krisna Widiathama made sketches, drawings, tees, and paintings with dark-noir visual style
10 June 2014
Se Lalu (Left / Always)
“Se lalu” (left / always) adalah sebuah pameran oleh lima fotografer muda dari Singapura, China, dan …
9 June 2014
Hub Side Down
An exhibition by French photographer, Bertrand Meunier, of urban hub Asia seen in soulful grainy black and white photos
9 June 2014
Klab Lucifer
An exhibition by Bandung-based artist, Duto Hardono, about different idioms that reflect a tension existing in the binary opposition
8 June 2014
Arts Collaboratory Showcase
Arts Collaboratory is a platform for transnational exchange and cooperation made up of over 20 arts organizations from around the world
30 May 2014
Lunacy in Animation
Take a peek of the wacko side of jazziness from the time when you or even your parents weren’t born, here’s a short list of the most disturbing animation
29 May 2014
Manifesto No.4 “Keseharian”
Manifesto No. 4 “Keseharian” is a collective exhibition from young Indonesian artists below 35 years old at Galeri Nasional Indonesia
26 May 2014
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