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Festival Salihara 2014
Whether you’re there to enjoy some of the best Indonesian music or watch a spectacular dance from a foreign country, this is a must watch
4 September 2014
ROH Projects
ROH Projects acts as a platform to widen the scope of comprehension and appreciation of contemporary art, both in Indonesia and to an international audience
3 September 2014
Damsel in Distress
With all paintings at the exhibition sold-out, you can tell why DC Comics hired this Bandung based illustrator to draw for them
23 August 2014
Acid Trip With Kendra Ahimsa
Welcome to the psychedelic and deeply fascinating mind of illustrator Kendra Ahimsa. We talked about everything to this trippy illustrator, from Bhagavad Gita to acid font
22 August 2014
Painting Sense
See a giant brush to the tiniest one, or odd shaped brushes and rollers – a quirky exhibition by Aditya Novali using various painting necessities
18 August 2014
Ivan Sagita: They Lay Their Heads on a Soft Place
Yogyakarta based artist Ivan Sagita’s first solo exhibition is inspired by the artist’s research of the bizarre phenomenon of ‘pulung gantung’
13 August 2014
Bazaar Art Jakarta 2014
Expect to see a lot of cool artworks by international artists including Yayoi Kusama, Habime, and lots more
31 July 2014
(k)NO(w) Future
Ahmad Oka’s solo exhibition featuring monsters, humans, and various creatures of the life after Pralaya (or post-apocalyptic)
8 July 2014
Post Memory: Born Afterwards
The first solo exhibition by Windi Apriani, an exploration between painting and drawing with 11 meticulous artworks on display at ROH Projects
2 July 2014
Crème Caramel
An awesome video by Canada for NOWNESS’ Part Three #DefineBeauty series, turning the soft melt-in-your-mouth dessert into an erotic metaphor for the object of your desire
1 July 2014
Dirty Feet
This exhibition wants to project how people could exist together with others in any space. So, when and how do you feel a real moment, lately?
27 June 2014
Se lalu (Left/Always)
No one can repeat a moment exactly like what it just happened, and then there’s photography as preservation for any moment
24 June 2014
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