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Exi(s)t #4 : The Food Files
With a main theme of food, Exi(s)t is back for its fourth installment, aptly titled The Food Files
11 November 2015
City, Remembrance and Reimagining
Providing a cultural sphere among the citizens of ASEAN and Korea
9 November 2015
Banksy’s take on a Disneyland type of amusement park
27 August 2015
Reimagining World’s Leader As Hipsters
Continuing last year’s project, now this series by Amit Shimoni has seven additional historical and contemporary world’s leaders sporting hipster’s look.
2 July 2015
Agus Suwage’s Exhibition
This latest exhibition of Agus Suwage came without a theme and was held at Nadi Gallery from December 18th 2014 to January 12th 2015
17 January 2015
Faith//Fate is the first solo exhibition of Antonio S. Sinaga aka Nino that was held from December 6th 2014 to January 12th 2015 at ROH Projects
16 January 2015
EXI(S)T #3
In this third installment of EXI(S)T, we take a look at a wave of creations by young, up and comers in the contemporary art world
29 December 2014
Darbotz Golddigga Monsterball
Darbotz, one of Jakarta’s premier street artist, is adding another article to his already long list of merchandise called the Golddigga Monsterball
18 November 2014
Agan Harahap
Get to know Agan Harahap the man behind the outrageous and hilarious photographs that’s been circling the internet for quite some time now
23 October 2014
#Hashtag The Strange : A Group Painting Exhibiton
An exhibition in modern art by a collective group called The Strange focusing in society and culture
15 October 2014
Open Call : Objects on Diponegoro
An upcoming exhibition inspired by the national hero Diponegoro is having an open call for people to submit their objects and artefacts to be featured on the exhibit
8 October 2014
Atmosphere : Trends in Indonesian Graphics Design, Illustration and Photography
Joint exhibition of six Indonesian visual artists, graphic designers, photographers, and illustrators
19 September 2014
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