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The epic collaboration between music and visual art
16 November 2016
World’s End New Collection: Goddess
Women empowerment through art
4 August 2016
Ugo Rondinone’s Seven Magic Mountains
Seven Magic Mountains Installation shows the power of colors that will blow your mind- because, who knew a stack of colorful rocks could make people so happy?
18 May 2016
Spectral Fiction by Syagini
Syagini in this solo exhibition “Spectral Fiction” made a world of her own, much more like Alice in James Turrell’s land
17 May 2016
Catalyst Art Market Vol.06
Adapted the theme #myartmyliving, it was the right time for the artist to stay humble and mingle yet simultaneously broadcast to the world that they’re talented and their art is worth buying.
7 May 2016
Rumah by Anton Ismael
A space which is often referred to in a reflective, romantic, melancholic manner and is filled with images of memories and of the days ahead
11 April 2016
Out Of Joint
Krack Studio, Dia.lo.gue Artspace presents the group exhibition “Out of Joint,” which features the latest works by Yogyakarta-based artists Rudi Hermawan, Malcolm Smith and Prihatmoko Moki
1 April 2016
Janji Kang Jait
We take a closer look at A.P.A Space’s latest exhibition
28 March 2016
Present Continuous
A.P.A’s latest exhibition headlined by 12 emerging artists
26 February 2016
Dialogue Playground: Pong Pong Balong
We’ve never seen kids before, during any opening exhibitions and so, we are naturally shocked when we attended the new program that Dia.Lo.Gue. Artspace has officiated, Dialogue Playground: Pong Pong Balong
24 February 2016
Exi(s)t #4: The Food Files
Having a sexy theme – The Food Files – selected for Dia.Lo.Gue. Artspace ‘s annual program, Exi(s)t #4
17 November 2015
Bipolarity to Multipolarity
Putting Bandung’s contemporary art on the sleeve, the exhibition which is taking place at Langgeng Art Foundation curated several aspiring Bandung-based artists you’ve might seen before
11 November 2015
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