Yesterday Lounge
, / 13 May 2013

We discovered a hidden gem in the middle of the busy streets of Antasari and we find it to be pretty surreal. Being here let you forget momentarily that you’re in Jakarta – and that’s just what we’re looking for.

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There are two areas in this compound; Yesterday Lounge, the ivy covered building with rustic rainbow colored bench on the front lawn and Perdikan Joglo. There are auto shops on both side of the compound called Garasi 66 (from the legendary Route 66) – parting the joglo and the lounge. The garage isn’t for public. They mostly do body works for good friends of the owner, who is also an automotive fan.

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Upon seeing the whole complex it’s a bit hard to believe that they’ve only been opened since early March. This place was originally used by the owner as a private lounge solely used to entertain his friends. Luckily now, everyone can have a piece of this green paradise. While visiting we tried their Yesterday Chicken Steak that uses a (secret) signature 66 sauce, Bakmoy, generous sized Poffertjes, and ice lychee tea – we just couldn’t resist ourselves.

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Perdikan is very Javanese inspired, decorated with old bicycles and motorcycles dating back as far as 1980s. The joglo facing a big garden with, I kid you not, live peacock running around the spacious garden, deer, rabbit, different species of roosters, and three eagles perched on tree stumps aligning the garden. While rows of utility jeep from the Vietnam War (originally used by the Americans) are lined in place in an open garage on the side of the garden, amazingly the jeeps still run.

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*Perdikan: during the Dutch era, Perdikan are the people who don’t have to pay taxes. In another word they’re considered as aristocrats.

The food here is more traditional and coffees are served in tin cups and foods are served in olden days (kampong) style bowl to give it a more authentic look. You’d notice that there are hidden tree-houses hidden in corners of this spacious place and if you search hard enough you might notice a skeleton perched on one of the tree branches. We’re not sure if this is accessible for guests but we went up anyway, and felt like I’m in a war movie where the Generals usually gathered around underneath this dim hanging light looking at maps.


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Authentic war Jeeps, wildlife, skeletons on tree branches, and secret tree-houses, if that doesn’t remind you of Indiana Jones I don’t know what does.


This ivy covered building is American inspired with so many paraphernalia from bar signs to posters to furniture. They’ve already got meeting rooms for hire in the building right beside the lounge, which would be a much better option for meetings than being inside a mall, where they are currently building the coffee corner at the bottom floor of the meeting rooms. They have live swing brass band playing there called The Crickets, which is also the home band that plays every Friday.

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There are three floors here; first of which is the lounge and café, second floor there’s a bar and pool table, and the third floor which is the mezzanine (although not for public at the moment) which they’ll dedicate for opening a wine and cigar lounge. The ceiling of the second floor are covered with lots of posters, whether it’s a famous band, music concerts, or just witty writings and slogans. There’s almost never a dull spot for your eyes to wander-off too.

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Theme of food is colonial, so you’ll find lots of Dutch infused food at the lounge and while traditional cuisine takes over at the joglo. No worries though, menus from both sides are available to eat anywhere you want. They even have ‘gorengan’ for those afternoons where you just want to sip black coffee and snack on local taste.

Yesterday Lounge
Jl. Pangeran Antasari 36

Cilandak – Jakarta Selatan
Jakarta – Indonesia


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