Make Your Way to The GOODS Cafe
/ 9 May 2011
Erlene Susanto is the head chef and creative force behind The Goods Cafe.  Nestled inside of The Goods Dept., The Goods Cafe, much like the store that surrounds it, is a real delight.  Erlene, who was born and raised in Jakarta, discovered  her love of cooking in Junior High when she would help her mother in the kitchen preparing meals for family and friends.  She went on to earn a degree from San Francisco’s Culinary Arts Academy and worked in San Francisco for almost 5 years before making her way back home to The Big Durian.
Once home she started working for The Goods Cafe and finds the venue’s creative sensibilities complementary to her own unique culinary vision. An example of her distinct vision can be found in the two dishes on the menu that she believes everyone must try.  “Our Coffee Rub Burger is our most favorite burger.  We make our own patty and rub it with a coffee/herb mix then layer it with BBQ sauce.”  If this doesn’t spark your curiosity, then perhaps her second recommendation the Spicy Penne Duck Curry will reel you in.  This recipe, adapted from a friend’s idea, is what she calls an “East meets West dish.”  If sales are any indication, then this dish is a winner for sure.
Erlene aims to appeal to the foodie in all of us.  “I want to create a restaurant that appeals to anyone who enjoys a culinary adventure.”  She encourages her customers to stray from their comfort zone with dishes that sound as good as they taste.  Take for instance the “Thai Fried Calamari” or the “Deep Fried Tacos”; these are dishes that you won’t find just anywhere.  And, vegetarians have options here too.  Erlene understands that it’s hard to find contemporary and delicious vegetarian options and has made it a priority to provide her customers with excellent options, offering up soups, salads and main dishes that even a hardcore carnivore would be eager to try.
For now Erlene is enjoying the support and success she’s found at The Goods Cafe, but she hope one day to open her own restaurant.  She envisions someday opening, “a small neighborhood place with a casual atmosphere and a focus on fine dining.”  Lets hope she stays at the Goods Cafe for a long while.  After all, shoppers need their sustenance, and foodies need their fix.
The Goods Cafe
Plaza Indonesia Extension L4 
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta 10350

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