Taco Local
/ 1 August 2012

Tucked away between Mangia and Orbis clothing store complex in Panglima Polim, lies Taco Local. Well, the name says it all. A taco joint run by cool local boys and girls. Upon entering the place, we can’t help but feeling like being inside a “How To Make It In America” episode. From the efforted effortless decor to the guys behind the counters, Taco Local looks the part.

Fortunately, the food delivers too. As legend has said, freshness is the key secret in making a great taco. Knowing that taco local makes their own flour tortillas, these guys surely understand. Upon being served, the taco in your plate will display an array of vivid colours.

Take bestseller Taco Al Pastor; golden brown grilled shoulder minced and jammed together with purple cabbage, fiery red salsa, and sweet yelow pineapple. The fact that they top it off with a stem of cilantro wins it for us. To even top it all off, Taco Local also serves extras on the sides. Guacamole, Jalapenos, Pimento Asada and other stuff we don’t know but sound exotic and tempting.

To wash them down, cold Sapparella. Locally made, this rootbeer like beverage really goes well with the tanginess of the food. The customers seem to agree since Taco Local could move 5 crates of this beverage, daily.

With other interesting offerings such as Lengua (Tounge) or Pollo Cumino (Chicken in Cumin), Taco Local shows promise. Admitedly, the portions are quite small for the average Indonesian rice belly. But the taste and atmosphere makes up for it. Beside, it’s hard to complain when the music is great and we are served by cute girls in cool hip clothes. As long as they can keep their food fresh, Taco Local will stick around for quite a long time.


Taco Local
Jl. Panglima Polim 5 / 38
Jakarta – Indonesia

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