Pizza Barboni
/ 25 June 2014

This cozy pizza corner in Kemang always has the right ambiance, whether it’s daylight or nighttime. But for us, hearing the name Pizza Barboni always leaves us with the same mental image; sitting in one of their outdoor tables, enjoying the afternoon sky while enjoying cold beverages and slices upon slices of fresh-from-the-oven pizzas.



There’s an image of a man with a large beard on their window, which is also their logo, but what you may not know (unless you’re Italian) is that the name and the logo goes hand-in-hand. So what’s a Barboni you say? It’s the Italian plural for the word ‘barbone’ (bar-bo-neh), literally ‘a bearded guy’ or, well, a homeless person (which are commonly bearded also right?). But no, no, the founders and owners of Pizza Barboni aren’t vagrants; in fact Anton Massoni, Matteo Russo, and Tommaso Paliaga are all bearded Italians.



The restaurant simple design of mainly woods and bricks is so that people can focus more on the food. You’ll see that the kitchen is open in the middle so that their staff can interact with the customers, and customers can see their pizza being made.

They focus mainly on authentic Italian wood-fire pizzas, while here in Jakarta mostly the focus is American pizza, which isn’t very healthy according to Florence-born Matteo, who knew Tommaso since both were only 7 year olds. “If kids wanted pizza their parents should be okay with it because we only use healthy ingredients; olive oil, flour, tomatoes.” Matteo also stated that they don’t use butter just to keep the pizza tasting like it is back in his home in Italy. It should be, after all they went through thorough food tasting.


We tried Tommaso’s favorite pizzas; Salame with extra mushroom, as well as Salsiccia with extra onions, then some crispy sides that includes deep fried veggies such as zucchini and eggplant, fried shrimps, and calamari that comes with mayonnaise and chili sauce. The order of fried sides is perfect as a companion while enjoying chilled beers.



The dessert is the Nutella pizza with banana and whipped cream, and this has been our go-to comfort food whenever, well, we’ve been drinking around the area or next door at Treehouse. Well, drunk or not we can’t get enough of their Nutella pizza. If you happen to be hanging out at Treehouse, which is just a stone’s throw away really, the guys at Barboni is willing to bring your orders next door – hence, our ‘drunken Nutella pizza habit’.


They’re thinking of opening another branch in Kuningan and Kelapa Gading, hopefully by this summer. Which is always a good idea for those who are craving for Barboni and doesn’t live in the Kemang area, but those of you who does can always give them a call to get some food delivered to your door. Sounds good? Good.

Pizza Barboni
Jl. Kemang 1, No. 72
Jakarta, Indonesia
(021) 7181101
Twitter: @PizzaBarboni

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