Ocha & Bella
, / 20 May 2011

Located at the lobby of the new and beautiful spot; Citadines Quartier Jakarta Hotel, Menteng, Ocha & Bella greets you with their comfortable interior and front desk. I suggest to make a reservation first, especially during dinner time. Its packed almost through out the night. On the right side of the restaurant is  where all the chef cooks in open space, so you can actually see how your meal is made.

All tables, chairs, and floor are made of wood, gives you that certain homey feeling without overdoing it. But when you enter the dining table section, watch your steps cos your heels might get stuck in the brick-textured floor. Definitely not built for heels, I tell you. Its always nice to see when a restaurant put some thoughts for the dining utilities. We noticed the fun colors and prints on the table mats, glass mats, and even the menu. Overall, Ocha & Bella’s interior exudes wooden and unfinished look at the same time.

For the menu, they have everything from Italian to Japanese, and a complete selection of wine and cocktails. Besides that, the waiter and waitresses are always there to assist you. My first try out was the pappardelle e salsiccia (80 single, 130 sharing), which is pappardelle pasta tossed with pork sausage and broccoli in cream sauce. The thick texture blends perfectly with the pasta and the pork, absolute favorite.

The second dish was the Ocha & Bella’s taco, served with a dash of salsa verde (Mexican green sauce) and variety of fillings. This tastes really good, if its featured in MasterChef, the judges would kiss the chef. 2 strikes in a row.

Finally, to put the cherry on top of our delicious meals, we ordered 2 different cocktails; Million Dollar and Charlie Chaplin (90 each). Very nice presentation, but unfortunately, it didn’t taste like what we expected. The Million Dollar cocktail has something gingery, and the Charlie Chaplin is way too sour for our tongue. Not a big fan of these two, or maybe we just ordered the wrong ones. I prefer the ice black tea though, comes in a large glass (35) with a selection of fruity flavors.

Overall, we’d give Ocha & Bella 8.5 out of 10. Delicious meals, great presentations, nice interior and service. Next time I’ll make sure to order other cocktails.

Ocha & Bella
Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim 70
Menteng, Jakarta 10340
(021) 3105 777
(021) 3105 999


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