Monstore Bar #1: John Doe
/ 27 March 2014

If you don’t know what/who John Doe is maybe you should immediately head to Kemang Raya and figure it out yourself. Just beware that you might not want to leave the place anytime soon, or the lack of consciousness to do so. The guys of Monstore are the brains behind this cool drinking alcove, the first in their series of biennial “pop-up bars”, hence claiming the inaugural full title of “Monstore Bar #1: John Doe”. Just look for the blue neon lights on its glass façade announcing the title fittingly like a hidden tattoo parlor in Shinjuku.

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Similar to the initial idea of Monstore itself, John Doe’s interior and drinks showcase the arts, the originality, and some of the wicked twist of experimental thoughts and techniques. Check out the wall that’s lined up with a psychedelic mosaic of half-nude people armed with their O-faces (we call it the ‘orgasm hall of fame’ and it proves to amuse drunken guests as they made their way down). Groovy. The dim lighting and peculiar eyeball paintings only add to the bar’s enigmatic atmosphere.

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For drinks, there’s enough variety of knockout cocktails that can last you the night. For an instant stunner, grab the Fuck Tomorrow, the first cocktail that lives up to its name. Served in a mini decanter, this daring drink is an equal mixture of Vodka, Rum, Tequila and Triple Sec that will surely improve your night. For a lighter and sweeter cocktail, try the Nutella Dip which is a perfect blend of vodka and Nutella in a Martini glass. And of course, if all that’s still not enough, there’s always the Real Shyt, a cocktail that is a mixture of 14 booze!

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If hunger suddenly invades your stomach, just grab your server and order the Slurp Dog. A giant dog sandwich that’s surprisingly tasty, showered with mayonnaise and mustard, completed with a side of well-cooked fries. Finish by wiping the leftover tangy and spicy sauces with your soft bread. We also think their Chicken Burger is exactly the right kind of meal to have before drinking with friends, the crispy chicken breast and slice of cheese is accompanied with a side of fries, it fills you just right

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Get the John Doe’s Crispy Chicken for some light, spicy and crispy snacks (nicely enclosed in a brown paper bag). The most intriguing dish has to go to Rice & Cock (love the name), which is Rice with a side of luscious scrambled eggs and dices of chicken (the ‘cock’ bit), and finally poured with their special garlicky sauce that makes this dish special.

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We loved John Doe. We loved their potent cocktails, their yummy bites and their orgasmic walls. Check out their daily specials for great deals and their calendar for upcoming wicked events. We just can’t wait to see what Monstore has in store for us next. Apologies for the pun, but we did have fun in John Doe. And you will too.

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Monstore Bar #1: John Doe
Jl. Kemang Raya 72C
+62 813 1890 5656
Weekdays: 5pm – midnight
Weekends: 5pm – 2am

Words and photographs by Duwi Satrio

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