Le Pigalle
, / 19 February 2016

Neon Light in the Parisian Night


What’s not seductive about Paris?

Oh come on, it’s Paris! It is the city of amor where you’ll be transported to the realm of pleasure. Visiting erotic museums, let your soul be entertained by its ‘Art of Nude’ or guided by a lady to the Sexy City. Whatever itinerary you have, will you be able to resist the bohemian naughtiness of exotic Paris?

I know that this feeling is mutual and indeed you don’t wanna miss a thing when it comes to your occasions in this golden paradise. Even talking about a trip to Paris would position you like you’re held in a little bondage play. You are helplessly waiting to be pleased by the dominant vibe of the city. Yet, it’s actually quite arousing if you can delay your satisfaction, according to the Parisians in the ultimate art of seduction.

While you’re waiting for a vacation that sounds so ‘ooo-la-la’, have a glance at Le Pigalle, a neighborhood hotel located in the hip area of Paris 9th arrondissement, in the Pigalle as the name suggests. Designed in Neoclassical Architecture by Charlotte de Tonnac, this new hot place to stay is a charmer. It’s like a seduction without sex, it manipulates you by creating a mood of pleasure and comfort.


Photographed by Emma Ledoyen




At the foot of Montmartre, Pigalle has always been magnetic to lovers, artists, wanderer, musician and thugs. This neighborhood which never sleeps, inherited the image of historic, modern, wicked, musical and multicultural on its personality. By the hands of collaborated local casts, Le Pigalle presents an authentic visual of a unique neighborhood. They are simple, comfortable and full of domestic touches with a strong Parisian identity. A locally produced beer, second hand classic furnitures, vintage vinyls from a resident musicologist, flowers from the neighborhood florist are the certain offer for visitors. Each collection has deep local roots and a personality of its own.


Le Pigalle is built for you to meet the neighbors- the people that bring Pigalle to life and paint more colors on Paris. They are not just creating something new; it’s rather about embracing the spirit of collaboration and capturing the harmony of creativity. Let’s take a closer look at Le Pigalle!





On the ground floor, there is a space for anything to happen: eat, drink, rest, make new friends, listen to the music and dance. The hotel restaurant serves a good homemade food ensemble for everyone. They are prepared and served all day until late at night. The menu has a well-defined local flavor and has been put together with local retailers and growers. The kitchen philosophy emphasizes on the simplicity rather than a fancy cooking concept.


Brasserie de la Goutte d'or tenu par Thierry Roche.

Brasserie de la Goutte d’or tenu par Thierry Roche.

Le Pigalle’s 40 rooms are homey and comfortable, grasping the aesthetic of neighborhood’s broad culture. You will feel its rich heritage through the collection of new and vintage art objects and furnishings organized by local artisans, photographers, designers, shopkeepers, and musicians.The collaboration of talented local figures exposes the hidden identity of Pigalle. They are committed to honor the neighborhood’s history, past and present- after all, this is Le Pigalle.





Words by Mahda Maria

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