Subvideoday: Tame Impala and Other Bands Featuring Bigfoot Mascot
, / 8 February 2016


It is no doubt that there remain some places on earth that are truly wild. These places somehow have awakened our desire to fantasize the unknown and undiscovered. The smell of mystery tricks us into obsessing about these mystical objects and even uses it as a mascot to represent ideas, emotions or state of mind. From the many faces of your favorite mystical creatures, I would like to choose the Bigfoot- a reddish – brown-man-ape -that turns out to not only live in the wild but also randomly appears on some of unforgettable music videos.

One does not simply question the motive as to why would the directors bring this fierce creature to become their mascots? Give it a watch below.

Foo Fighters – Everlong

No one knows the meaning of ‘Everlong’ as Grohl has never really spoken about it. Though the ideas of the song will remain a mystery, we won’t forget of how the two Bigfoots haunted the couples along the video which is directed by Michel Gondry. ‘Everlong’ stays to be one of the best emotional–pop-punk songs that Grohl ever written.

Tame Impala – The Less I Know the Better

From their album “Current”, ‘The Less I Know the Better’ tells the story of a basketball player who is broken hearted when a cheerleader he loves starts hooking up with the team’s gorilla- big foot look alike- mascot, named Trevor. The lyrics illustrate the unpleasant moment of figuring out that the person you love is in a relationship with someone else. This hallucinatory video is directed by CANADA.

The Drums – There is Nothing Left

For ‘There is Nothing Left’, a transgender model, Hari Nef plays a female character in a romantic comedy gone wrong. A drunken Bigfoot also appears in the video, giving it a twist to a dark ending. From Jonny Pierce, the front man of Tame Impala, we know that the song was written after he had to say goodbye to his biological parents because they never accepted him for who he is; a homosexual. It is a song about letting go and moving on to the room of something real, the space of authentic affections.

Beach House – Walk in the Park

Do you think that the melancholy man with excessive facial hair is sort of a Bigfoot? The walk in the park describes a meaningless activity because you might feel empty and purposeless after a loss Or the song might just be about the eternal war between the bully-able Bigfoot and the domineering friends? You decide.


The four videos basically share a similar background story which portrays the collapse of a relationship. For me, the Bigfoot mascot that is captured in these sad-love-songs actually says that you’re up against some big obstacles. It could be translated as a representative of “the big unknown” you have to deal in life. It symbolizes a large problem like depression or anger. That’s why Bigfoot becomes a mascot that is used so often. It is like an unavoidable cliche you’ll find in love songs. Love ‘em, hate ‘em, you can’t escape ‘em.

Words by: Mahda Maria

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