Star Wars : Music for the Entire Galaxy
, / 14 March 2016

Image by Mashable Composite, Bob Al-Greene

For some people who spent their golden ages collecting Star Wars dolls- um I mean action figures, they might be a bit confused when answering a question from their kids- such as “how is the story of Star Wars going?”

Probably they would say, “Well, it’s kind of a happy ending story where all the heroes that you loved live happily ever after… two hours and 16 minutes later… but because life goes on bla bla bla and it turns out that the ending isn’t always pretty.”

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…Disney has successfully created exactly a movie they were trying to make. The movie for grown-ups who love Star Wars their whole life and want a Star Wars that is just for them. Plus, they also made it to become their unbelievable cash cow because its force is so strong and dominant in the retail world.

Holy Mother of Skywalker.

Based on what we absorbed from the Geek’s Guide to The Galaxy, there is a concern that Star Wars; The Force Awakens has changed Star Wars forever. The film has fundamentally altered the nature of Star Wars, according to the Author Matt London. Precisely, he assumed that the Force Awakens has been remodeled into another sci-fi franchise like Star Trek or Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Comic by Floyd Norman

George Lucas, The Godfather of the franchise undoubtedly remains as a broken-hearted man, seeing his baby grow up and lives a new life in the almighty corporate empire without him. However, there’s an argument about art that says “once it is created, it belongs to the people who experience it”. So, no more reasons to be upset since Disney has given a movie that you’ve been looking for. Haven’t you?

Luckily, there is one force which immediately awakens audiences that they were once again watching a Star Wars film like they used to. It is the first blast of John Williams’ score at the beginning of the Force Awakens which becomes the most memorable pieces of the movie. Without it, there won’t be any nostalgia that airs out on the atmosphere.

But how does that atmosphere translate when you hear the Star Wars theme on, say, a cat’s voice?

What follows are four different covers from Star Wars theme whose unusual sounds give a wholly peculiar flavor to the famous pieces of every generation.

Star Wars Main Theme – Single by Galactic Empire

A band named Galactic Empire has delivered an epic heavy metal version of Williams’ Star Wars’ theme music. According to the guitarist ‘Darth Vader’; these instruments are loud and harsh but should be enough to rip some faces as we journey across the galaxy.

Star Wars, The Imperial March on Piano ( Darth Vader’s Theme )

This guy in a Stromtrooper costume is hilarious. He lets us watch him walks to the piano and take his gloves off so his fingers can freely dance on the piano keys. It took almost one minute of preparation before he played the music theme for Darth Vader. It’s worth the wait tho’.

Cat Sings Star Wars Theme Song

Star Wars and cats are two pop-culture products that have been mused by every mankind. Here’s what happened if the duo-hype fused together in one scene. A cat in Darth Vader helmet and Yoda’s ears, the cuteness awakens!

Two Year Old Girl Singing Star Wars Imperial March

You read it right. It is a video of a two-year old girl who caught up in baby monitor camera, humming over Star Wars Imperial March. Her daddy said that she is a big fan of Darth Vader. Aw.

Star Wars’ music theme is weirdly powerful. It connects us across culture and generation boundaries. We need to say that the music is deserved to be remembered by any person on the galaxy.

Last but not least,

For all juvenile adults who praise Star Wars to death, here we attached the clip of Mos Eisley Cantina Theme. A song called “Mad about Me” was played when Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi entered to find passage from Tatooine to Alderaan. We know that this sound would never slip from your mind.

Words by Mahda Maria


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