The Best of Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in East Europe, with Prague as it’s capital. Prague is oftenly referred to as the other Paris, mostly known for it’s classy ambience with a touch of bohemian feel to it. Many people mistake the Czech Republic as a less-developed country because its an ex-communist country, when in fact its developing quite rapidly with tourism as their main income. Currently, Prague is having capitalism fever. Many international brands have invaded Prague, but the true values of Prague still remain and will never die.

People of Czech are very proud of their own language. Sometimes when you try to make a conversation with them in English, they will answer in their own language, even if they understand the meaning of your conversation. Czech is also famous for their liquor, like absinthe. Not a huge surprise, knowing that it holds the record as the country with the most beer drinkers in the world. Lagers and pilsners from the Czech Republic remain some of the world’s finest beer.

If you’re a fan of beer, then you should head down to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery in Plzen city. It’ll take 45 minutes to go there from Prague by car. They have a special tour around the brewery that takes up to 2 hours. The tour begins with an introduction from the guide and a brief description of the history of the Pilsner brewery, then a short bus ride will take the group to a huge lift to an upper floor of the packaging hall where there’s a long wide walkway and full length glass windows overlooking the factory floor. There’s also an old malthouse, which has an elevator the size of a small hotel room and a small cinema with a revolving platform and a semi circular screen. The entry price is about 5 Euros for adults, and the tours run in English.

The Czech Republic is country with a reasonable living cost compared to other countries in Europe, especially the beer and the liquor; they are screaming cheap. The price you pay for a bottle of Aqua will get you a bottle of beer, might as well buy a beer. People from neighbouring countries such as Germany like to travel to Prague over the weekend just to party. Usually they take the train (it’s a 4 hour train ride), that’s why you will bump into many drunk young people on the train, getting ready to party in Prague. They go straight to the bars and pubs, and end the night in clubs. Sometimes they stay over in hostels, some others will go home with the first train in the morning on a hangover.

The interior of Prague is really amazing; they have lots of gothic buildings and bohemian architecture. It’s the perfect place for a black metal band’s photoshoot. St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the must-visit places in Prague; it’s the largest church in Prague, situated at the Prague Castle and it is the burial place of former Czech Kings. The gothic architecture of St. Vitus’ is breathtakingly beautiful with a historical sense to it.

It is best to go to Prague during the summer, because many shops close in winter. SUB advises you to go with your friends, because Prague is a really interesting city to party, drink and meet new people from all around the world.

Words and photos by Adita Kartasasmita

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