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For this year’s Motoart Exhibition, Sekepal Aspal filmed a semi documenter film titled ‘1000 Kilometer’.
14 September 2016
An Indonesian graffiti artist who currently resides in Singapore and is making his name around the street art scene
29 June 2016
John Navid is also an awesome photographer besides obviously an awesome drummer.
10 May 2016
John Navid, drummer of White Shoes And The Couples Company, puts on a keffiyeh, a traditional middle eastern headdress that he borrows from Bemby Gusti, a drummer of SORE band.
19 April 2016
Star Wars music theme is weirdly powerful. It connects us across culture and generation boundaries.
14 March 2016
Run run run run run run run away! Psycho Killer.
17 February 2016
A lighthearted look at some of the cliches used in love songs and its hallucinatory videos
8 February 2016
Indonesia’s psychedelic trance festival, Dance For Peace, was held in September this year, in Gili Nanggu, a small island south-west of Lombok’s main harbor, Lembar
13 November 2014
One can think of several essential things to do when traveling to Stockholm – we hopped on a plane to Stockholm for one reason only, to visit Restaurant Frantzén
27 June 2014
This time we went out treasure hunting, eating soft churros with a cup of thick warm chocolate, enjoying a ride around Barcelona on Bicing, and more
19 June 2014
This is a simple and easy recipe, fresh, doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare at home, and a perfect lazy Sunday activity
1 June 2014
Jalanan is an absorbing documentary that studies the lives of Boni, Ho and Titi who make a living by singing amid the arduous streets of Jakarta
18 April 2014
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