When Seringai Meets Jägermeister
/ 4 February 2014

You’ve often heard about international bands being supported by Jägermeister, well we’re proud to say that Seringai will be Indonesia’s first band supported by them. Sub-Cult dropped by Seringai’s favorite hangout place, Lawless Jakarta, to get a more detailed story from the guys while enjoying ice cold Jäger-shots (of course). So how did this match made in rock n roll heaven happened? Read below for the full scoop. 

Hi Guys, it’s been a while since we ran into you. We heard that Jägermeister now sponsors Seringai; can you tell us how you ended up working with them? Is it because of your alkohol entitled song that made Jägermeister interested in supporting you guys?

Arian: I met this guy in a bar; he was from Jägermeister passing promo shots with those Jäger girls. I said I already liked Jägermeister, and we should endorse them/they should sponsored us. He is interested, and spoke to his brand manager. Then Sammy met someone again in Jägermeister, and then we set up a meeting with them talking business. So far we have the same vision, so that’s why the deal went pretty smooth.

Sammy: Actually no, even though the song title would suit this partnership really well. This one night, Arian accidentally met one of Jägermeister’s marketing team at a bar, and not long after I was introduced to one of my friend’s girlfriend (who also turned out to be in Jägermeister marketing team). They were looking for a band to sponsor and they were already considering Seringai. It’s pretty obvious though why Seringai would wanna be partners with Jägermeister. We complete each other *laughs*. So after a few meetings, things went well and it’s official. 

Ricky: It’s Arian and Sammy who came to the band with this info update that Jägermeister wanted to do an endorsement. The first thing that came to mind was: “Jägermeister wants to sponsor Seringai? Well, it’s about time. Let’s give it a shot! (An ice cold one please)” *laughs*

Khemod: Jägermeister contacted Arian and Sammy, and offered Seringai this endorsement. I don’t know if it’s because of our ‘Alkohol’ song, cause the song isn’t actually about drinking culture. Maybe it’s more because of our drinking culture *chuckles*. So when the opportunity came, hey, bring it on!


There must be lots of other alcohol brands that wants to work together and support Seringai, why choose Jägermeister?

A: I wouldn’t say it’s “a lot”, but yes some approached us.

S: Best option, I think. We finally figured out the best deal for us both. Plus, Jägermeister has been doing similar deals with numerous rock and metal bands abroad. Jägermeister also has been doing music festivals.

R: Truthfully I myself am not much of a drinker nowadays, but why the hell not. We think Jägermeister tastes great, and we are having an awesome deal. Not to mention great bands that we really love, such as Slayer, Orange Goblin, and Motley Crue, did the same thing before us. It only makes sense.

K: I personally love Jägermeister, and had many histories and screw-ups thanks to this liquor *laughs*. But I think the main reason we choose Jägermeister is because they also supported many great bands that we love. Slayer, Orange Goblin, and the name continue. At least we had one thing in common with those guys.  

Are we going to see Seringai up on stage chugging down Jägermeister sometimes soon? Or even wear their brand logo on your t-shirt perhaps?

A: Nowadays I don’t really drink before I finish the set, unless it’s a small club shows with short set list. It’s always nice to end the day with some ice-cold Jäger shots.

S: We always chug down things on and off stage now and then. Not that much though. Being pissed drunk is not the best way to perform live, especially long sets. Jägermeister and Seringai are working together with Lawless Jakarta as the official merchandise producer and seller. Seringai will act as the design curator. We would then be wearing those merchandises on stage to promote them of course.

K: I actually really want to have Jägermeister t-shirt for quite some times now, even before the endorsement begins.

Will Seringai and Jägermeister launch a collaboration product that would be sold to your massive fan base? Would be cool if you did.

A: Yes! Actually I’m still designing the whole thing. Can’t wait to release it. It’s gonna be awesome!

S: As I mentioned before, we will produce some limited edition merchandises throughout the year.

R: Of course we will

K: That’s going to be the first thing we do actually. We’re going to make collaboration merchandise, implementing Seringai’s images with Jägermeister’s identity. Can’t wait!

What’s up with rock and metal band, and Jägermeister? Like Slayer, Motley Crue, and Pantera have also been sponsored by them. . .and now you guys are too!

A: Well, I first know Jägermeister because it seems Kerry King’s running around in pictures with a bottle of Jäger. Back then, to get a bottle of Jäger you need a friend that is travelling abroad to bring you one. Good thing it’s available in Indonesia now. My favorite band, Orange Goblin, is also sponsored by Jäger too. I like drinking with my friends. I guess it’s safe to say that I’m a bar guy, as well as a party guy! Rock on! *laughs*

S: It definitely fits. Jägermeister has been around for decades with those guys. I know Jägermeister from Motley Crue. Maybe back then I drew a conclusion that, I don’t know how to say this in English, “miras (minuman keras) ya temannya muras (musik keras)” *laughs*

R: Not quite sure why. I first got in touch with the Jägermeister brand through the metal magazines. Saw Pantera in their home video where they partied hard with a bottle of Jäger in hand. So the Jägermeister image has always been metal in my knowledge. Though, I recently found out that Jägermeister was originally associated with hunters and car racing in the seventies.

K: I think my first knowledge of Jägermeister is when I saw Pantera’s home video. And later on when I saw Orange Goblin pictures on magazine, hanging the deer logo on their background. So whenever I go to a bar and had my ice cold Jag, I feel so metal *laughs*. So yeah, it’s a privilege now that we’re chosen to represent Jägermeister, like all those bands we loved!

Some people say that the Jägermeister logo symbolizes “Oh Deer God”; the circle means “Oh”, the deer means “Dear” and the cross meaning “God”. So, Seringai as a true Jägermeister drinker and lover, do you guys know why the logo on Jägermeister symbolizes that?

S: Not really. A lot of people make stuffs up. I guess people try to be funny when they’re drunk.


You guys planning to make an event with Jägermeister anytime soon?

A: Lawless Jakarta is planning to make an event, but it’s not fixed yet. We’re working on it!

S: Yeah, it’s still on discussion though. Lawless Jakarta is trying to set up a small gig or probably a launch party. Hopefully in March. We’ll keep you posted.

R: Yes, through the Lawless guys.

K: Hopefully soon, with the Lawless guys.

We thinks that Jägermeister’s choice to sponsor Seringai is a great decision, because your band image fits perfectly with their brand. Do you guys feel the same?

A: We do! Jägermeister and rock/metal music is a perfect match.

S: Hell yeah!

R: We certainly do. 

K: Yes, and that’s why we agree with this sponsorship.

Thank you again for your time, we had a great time talking to you guys. If you guys decided to throw a house party enjoying Jägermeisters, you should give us a call. We promise we’ll bring some hot chicks to your party *wink*

A: Thank you Sub-Cult! But the last time you all came it was all guys, you liar! No chicks, no ice cold Jägers for you! *laughs*

S: Don’t make a promise that you don’t intend to keep! *laughs* See ya around.

R: The pleasure is ours. Alright! we’ll hold you to it.

K: Noted! Thanks guys!

Interview by Adita Kartasasmita
Photos by Rendha Rais

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