Torquil Campbell of Stars on Love and Music
/ 11 February 2016


Together for 16 years with six albums and uncountable tour dates doesn’t make Stars – one of Canada’s biggest musical exports –stale but pop. Comprise of a myriad of talents, Stars has been stepping up the game in lovey-dovey music with claws and nitpicks, which is what we need at the moment. Having nostalgic gratification, often captures mixed feelings within their music, each persona in the band complement whole songs as a parade. An unusual one indeed.

As you know, their endless tour dates this year had us at the mini tour of Asia where Jakarta is the first stop in it, and our friends at Prasvana again did the curation so good this year, they managed to fit the big durian into their schedule. If you have secured your tickets, the concert will be held on Friday night (YAAAS!), 12 February 2016 at Soehanna Hall, strategically located in the heart of Jakarta where your pre-Valentine occasion will be amplified.

Torquil Campbell, the enigmatic vocalist recently spoke with us during his time with Stars in Jakarta  about the bittersweet realities of love in music. “Ask away,” probably what Torq would say to us if we had the chance to meet him in person. But though it’s not also a long distance call, our feelings after reading his answer pretty much sums up what we would expect from Stars’ performance in Jakarta this Friday.

Torq who has knowledge of heartbreaks and whatnot, answered our questions with wit and cringe-worthy moment when he said that he reads his wife’s facebook page during the creative process for lyrics and inspirations in “No One is Lost.” We come up with the idea of love and the recent fangirling over the radiating one on Noe’s Love, despite its versatility, to ask Torq away and here’s what we got.

Have you seen Gaspar Noe’s controversial film, “Love”? It talks about, well, love and depicts how strong love is, it could drown you in ecstasy and depression gradually. Is that how you see love?

TC: I havent seen the film….love comes in many forms, and definitely one of them is destructive and cannibalistic. But the thing about love is, it’s an amoral force; it doesn’t care if you’re good or bad; it will come for you and abandon you without consideration. that is its mystery and its terrible power.

Then we recomend you to watch it right away. You know we can feel emotions through music but it takes quite awhile to realize it and Stars is one of the most hypnotizing bands that can transfer it through the atmosphere, if not lyrics. Do you think a song is much more appealing when it talks about love?

TC: I do. I think songs were invented to talk about love. It’s the way we as humans express emotions that are too big for just speaking. So, while songs can be fun if they are about other things, they will only really last if in some respect, they address the power of love.

Could love be obsolete when it comes to music?

TC: I think music might become obsolete when it comes to love; but not the other way round!

Well said. Stars is also known for writing political songs as one of the many topics that you guys talk about. Do you see yourselves in a political scheme?

TC: No. Politics is something a band should have, but it’s really hard to write a great political song that will last and mean something in 10 years. We are ok at politics, but ultimately the way you treat the person next to you in bed says as much about the state of the world as a song about politics. In a way, they are the same thing.

We love No One is Lost! What did you read during the creative process for lyrics inspirations?

TC: Raymond Carver’s poems, Far From The Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy, and my wife’s facebook page.

Your wife’s facebook page. That’s a very.. uncommon read. So, one more thing. What does “three blues, two green and a beer” mean from that song “What I’m Trying to Say” mean?
TC: Three blue pills, two green pills, and a beer!

That’s all folks, do mind the last answer, since we’re still, kinda, want to chase him with why and what after the concert for three blue pills, two green pills, and a beer for more innuendos!



Interview by Febrina Anindita

Photos by Stars

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