This Is A Love Song
/ 21 June 2013

Would you introduce yourselves to our readers?
Hey Hey! We are Nina & Stephanie from TIALS.

How did the idea for This Is A Love Song (label and concept store) was born? Were there certain goals that you guys were trying to achieve in creating this?
The idea was to make a creative space in Bali for all our friends who weren’t selling in Bali yet. We found ourselves surrounded by talented people and it was only natural for the store and our clothing label to grow.


Your clothes are also available worldwide, which is great, can you tell us how you managed to make it this far.
A lot of hard work and dedication, a good team base and the love we have for what we do.

Who are your muse and inspiration?
Music is our biggest inspiration.

Do you have any interesting stories about T.I.A.L.S customers? Have you ever had someone really unique (maybe even famous) walked into the store?
Nicola Formichetti visits our store whenever he is in town, which is a total trip as he is definitely someone we look up to.


What are the perks in doing what you guys do now? What are the downsides?
The number one perk would be we get to travel a lot and meet new people. Downside is that we don’t sleep enough! With TIALS & Love in Tents we are working all week & weekend.

What was the best experience you guys get to go through with This Is A Love Song?
We couldn’t just tell you one thing, it has been one hell of a ride the past year.

About Love in Tents, can you tell us more about that? Why did you decide to create this event, and who are involved in the event previously/upcoming?
Love in Tents aka LIT is our events company; we started a monthly party that now has become more regular. The concept is to push the boundaries and to just have fun. We have had acts like DIPLO, Bag Raiders & Designer Drugs just to name a few. This summer we are kicking it off with DJ FALCON, The Misshapes, Leah Mencel & Sneaky Sound System.

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What’s next for you guys? Any new and interesting projects for the upcoming future?
We are set to do a collaboration with Fa’ for her second single in New York which is pretty exciting!

Last but not least, if the two of you weren’t doing this, what would you guys be doing instead?
We would definitely still be in the same genre fashion/music, if not a designer then maybe we would DJ.

Interview by Vita Aviandhono

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