Story Behind DEKADENZ.
, / 15 September 2016

DEKADENZ was the name given to a number of musicians and music selectors who valued synthetic rhythm, metal beats and primitive electronics over popular view of music. Their styles and characters praised the contemporary dialog of electronic body music which can be connected to an abnormality and sometimes absurd in nature. Now it is a party dream that becomes reality in Jakarta where bands and DJs experiment their music together under the dark side of the mirror ball.

They started their debut gig earlier this year and has shown us a great success. Its distinctive character of music played there and also the performer make DEKADENZ become one of the must-go gig/party in town. No, we won’t hear any top 40s tunes in DEKADENZ, it’s gonna be some unique motoric beat tunes. Even the punks would love to enjoy the party at DEKADENZ!

We all want to know more about DEKADENZ. Fortunately we had a chance to talk with the brains behind DEKADENZ. They are Jonathan Kusuma, Ridwan Susanto and Aditya Permana. We talked a bit about the storeies behind the great DEKADENZ. Here’s our mini talk with the geniuses!


Hello! Can you tell us a bit about how DEKADENZ came about? 

R (Ridwan Susanto): Adit and Ojon always been good friends of mine since back in the days. We like the same music that are darker, electronic, experimental, industrial, Italo induced with Techno punch. We also know that there are bands that are producing and performing those type of sound. It’s fun to see live performance and DJs in one night, sort of like mini festival in a small club. So why not offer something different on the table this time.

A (Aditya Permana): Industrial sounds, raw drum machines, noise, DIY and warm tropical techno


Did you guys ever expect that DEKADENZ to come this far?

R: Never have any expectations to be honest. We just try to make every party good, you know like flow of the night, selecting the bands, the venue, the light, the sound, those essential stuff.

O (Jonathan Kusuma): yes ! but still a looong way to go.

A: We are 3 months young and (we) hope for more DIY electronic music nerds to come out of the woodwork.


You guys have made a DEKADENZ show in Singapore. Any plan to bring it even further, globally?

R: We’ll see how it goes, If people in Vietnam or even Russia are turned on to what we do, that’s great. I mean people communicate trough social media nowadays, everyone around the world can check out your thing. The geographic element from that is far more interesting in my opinion.

O : Yes, hopefully.

A: Hope to discover more live music and DJ guests that have a local flavour.


What qualities do you think have ensured the success of DEKADENZ?

R: To have bands and DJs in one night is not something new, it’s been done so many times. You have to know how to combine them, otherwise things will fall apart and even ruin the flow of the night. We learn from every event and carefully improving it.

O :We keep on searching for more new interesting talents/bands to play, and also never stop searching for new music and knowledge.

A: Passion and love for raw drums, noise and DIY will make up the DEKADENZ community.


You guys are focusing the characters and styles to the electronic body music. Why did you guys choose it? Will you guys widen the styles and genres?

R: EBM is as easy to say EDM. I find it interesting for people to easily relate to. EBM came from Belgium in the early 80s, originated from lots of genres like new wave, disco, industrial, & punk. It’s already diverse. Lots of synth, drum machine, sampler and sequencer. I like that it is sound electronically produced and colder.

O:Well its just easier to say EBM, but its more wider than that actually.

A: We’re not limited by EBM. We love: industrial sounds, raw drum machines, noise, DIY and warm tropical techno.


Are you guys trying to bring a message to the scene?

R: We never really came in through that angle. Everyone can feel that our music is different from others. We are more like “hey guys, this sounds weird, would you like to hear it all night?”

O: Do you guys feel that we are trying to bring a message?

A: Experiment and create something that reflects you and your environment.


In your opinion, is there any correlation between dance and punk music?

R: When punk kids discovered drum machine and synth, they made their own dance music and the rest is history. You can feel their attitude. That repeated 3 chords rhythm and with clash, that feel dance punk to me.

O : I think we could /should always use that “punk” attitude in everything.

A: For DEKADENZ, the relationship between dance music and punk is a sense of experimentation.


Did you feel like you guys were part of a new movement or something special in Indonesia?

R: New movement? possibly if people wants to see it that way. Something special? Humbly Yes, because these are the music that we are passionate about and like to present it in a unique way. I’d like to see more electronic bands in Indonesia.

O: Hopefully if everyone in this scene agreed to it, a small fragment of a big Jakarta movement.

A: Keep it real, make it raw!


What do you think about the underground music community in Indonesia?

R: Diversely great! I only wish for more small clubs with good sounds and lights. Venues like that will support the underground community. So if anyone’s reading this, please take note.

O : Jakarta music community is big and diverse. Hopefully 5 years from now it will grow bigger and stronger.

A: There’s a huge punk and metal music movement in Indonesia. One of the biggest in Asia. Is there any potential for this sub culture to combine with night life and dance music culture? DEKADENZ offers a little bit of both worlds.


What are your hopes and dreams for the future of DEKADENZ?

R: More collaborations with like minded people. Hopefully everyone can see us as a medium to express their music and arts. So looking forward to this in the nearest future.

O: More people to come to our party and more amazing music for us to play!



Anida Bajumi

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