Plan B: The Witty Backup Plan for Your Home
/ 18 June 2014

Sub-Cult meets up with Anezka Ayasha and Ifa K, the creative heads/sister in law behind home decor brand Plan B, at the newly renovated Taco Local in Panglima Polim for lunch. (Other than tasting the new menu) it was the only right place to do the interview, while looking at furnishing from Plan B used throughout the restaurant, that will also be the future Plan B showroom. With three kinds of margaritas and three kinds of desserts, it almost felt like we were enjoying mid-day-happy-hour with friends.


Hello Anezka and Ifa, do you guys mind telling us a bit about why you decided to jump into the home décor business and since when does Plan B start operating?
A: We have been looking at home design magazines since high school, and continued to study interior decorating in college. I first created Plan B while Ifa is still studying in London, I tried several business partners before her and none of them click. Then she finally returns from London and we very much clicked and here we are now.
I: Ever since I was little I like to go with my grandmother, who likes to buy old houses and then decorate it herself, and I did major in interior design in London. It also happens that. . .our husbands are brothers *laughs* we’re sister in laws!


Lots of people say that your décor style is ‘shabby chic’; do you guys agree with this?
I: People’s judgment in interior will be diverse; shabby chic, modern, mid-century and all that.
A: I don’t agree at all. First of all, I really don’t like shabby chic, and I don’t prefer if people define our style a certain way. If I have to describe our style, we don’t like something that is too polished – we like something with a rustic feel. In decorating I like it when there’s a rotten feel to it *laughs* well not rotten. .
My opinion is that our style is a bit ‘unfinished’, I lived in Australia for 10 years so I was inspired a lot by the interiors there. When people walk in here (Taco Local) I want them to feel that this place is not pretentious. Honestly, I can’t describe it in one word, I mean people do come in here and say our style is eclectic. .but we’re also not!

Where do all your inspirations come from?
Travelling! *in unison*
A: We both love travelling so much – every time we both just got home from a vacation, we’re always so heavily inspired.
I: Meeting new people, talking to people, even talking to creative friends give me inspiration.



Do you make all Plan B products from scratch or do you restore secondhand/vintage furniture?
I: All of the above. All the tables and chairs here at Taco Local are made from recycled materials. We have a few items that we made from scratch, but one thing for sure we always work with local craft worker. We try our best to support the local people. We do our research and meet craftsmen in small villages and town who does really beautiful handiwork, so why not give these people a chance rather than ordering everything from abroad.
A: It’s called Plan B because we want to offer people that there’s always a backup plan. At the beginning I met this handyman, and he had so many old furniture/junk lying around the place, so I thought why not reuse all this stuff? Yeah well, although at the end not all our products are recycled materials, but we try using recycled materials as much as possible.

We heard that your workshop is in Bali, why choose Bali? Is it because the labor costs are less expensive than Jakarta?
I: Actually it’s because we were living in Bali for a few months; I was based in Bali and Anez was flying back and forth, we ended up discovering all sorts of stuff. Not only in Bali actually, have we also had workshop in Jakarta.
A: At that time Taco Local was in Bali, and then the project for Jicama, as well as Ifa living there for a year.

Can you explain the process of transforming your ideas into a product of Plan B?
A: We’ve always been fond of browsing through interior decorating magazines and blogs since high school, or meeting people that influenced us. Did you see the plants hanging outside? We met this plant artist, he’s very passionate about his plants and talks to it daily, and for us it’s like finding someone with the same vision. He even has that same local spirit. He helped us with the standing nursery in Jicama Bali, all the plants are from Indonesia and we don’t use plants grown outside the country.
I: He sings to his plants every day and he really loves Indonesia. His vision is to further and promote local plants. The point is we find everything randomly. Spontaneous. Even meeting a very talented craftsman who makes very good sculptures.
A: Besides, Ifa and I happen to like similar stuffs, and vice versa, right? *both laughs*


How would you both describe your personal (home décor) style? Is it reflected in the current home that you’re living in?
A: Wow it’s crazy but it seems that everything I like I put inside my house, to the point where it’s super messy and super full! But if I have to describe my home I would say that I’m trying to make it look like a loft as much as possible, maybe because I lived abroad for a long time I’m just used to house with open space. As for furnishings, well, one or two items of stuff we bought and the rest are our products.
I: Maybe because we love interior so much it feels like wanting to buy everything. Those statues over there *points to a corner in Taco Local* are our design, but imagine when making orders for those things it’s impossible to just make one. The dream is to have a clean and tidy home, but it always ends up being full again.

Can you guys share some advice to Sub-Cult’s readers who wants to decorate their house on a budget?
I: In my personal opinion if you want to decorate a house, always have a blank canvas and slowly fill it. Make sure all the walls are white and gradually add things. Because owning a home is like nesting, it’s impossible to suddenly have a fully furnished home, it seems. . soulless. *laugh*



What is 2014 interior trend according to you guys?
A: That’s just it, I don’t follow trends to be honest. Because in designing, we design what we like.
I: Yeah but sometimes we look around what’s happening. I haven’t been looking at blogs lately, so I don’t really know. But I remembered a few years back chevron was everywhere

Just out of curiosity, if you guys can decorate anyone’s house, who would it be and why?
A: I wanna decorate my mom’s house. My mom collects so much stuff so that all the rooms have become storage rooms and all the stuff is packed in boxes. I don’t want to hurt her feelings, so hopefully one day when I’ve made tons of money I want to surprise her by redecorating her house. Sorry Fa, me first.
I: Shit I wanted to answer that as well! *laughs* It is so messy there.

Does Plan B have more clients for home interior or commercial place?
I: So far we’ve handled more commercial spaces compared to private homes. We’ve done a few but not maximum, meaning we’ve only done the kitchen, or the child’s bedroom. I hope in the future we get to do a whole house.
A: We really want to decorate a whole house, it’s been mostly commercial space and creative office, but there’s an upcoming project for a friend’s house.


Jicama in Bali also uses your services for their interior décor – we think that place is very attractive; cozy and homey. Can that kind of interior design be implemented in a house?
A: Yes, very much. That’s what I’m trying to implement in my house right now. Since we’re working together with the plant artist, we’re trying to do more business in the future. It’s like kismet. I love the feeling of being outdoor when I’m indoor, and being indoor when I’m outdoor.
I: We connect very well, like meeting your soul mate; we were doing the interior of a creative office and noticed the beautiful hanging garden outside. It was so pretty and we were so impressed, and wondering who had done it. As soon as we met the designer, everything just clicked. We also love having plants inside our houses, and like she said earlier; we use indoor furniture outside like sofas on the garden.

jicama web1

jicama web2


Where should people go to view Plan B’s collection? Do you guys have a showroom?
Both: Soon
I: We will be opening a store here at Taco Local. At the time being we have an Instagram, and a website underway.

What’s next for you?
A: Hmm, I hope whatever is next will be big *both laughs*
I: I hope Plan B will be established, the store running and we can sell stuff that we like, also getting more projects.

Last but not least; horse or deer?
I: Horse. .
A: Because deer are so last year *both laughs* that’s lame

Interview by Vita Aviandhono
Photos by Annisa Indrasari and courtesy of Plan B

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