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MASH UP is an independent, offbeat street-wear label inspired by everything from ethnic heritage and pop culture to cinematography; and they’re opening soon in Jakarta
11 February 2013
Meet Yusuf Abdul Jamil aka. Ucup; the guy behind Lawless Jakarta customized motorbikes
5 February 2013
Sub-Cult sat down with Ra Ra Riot at Love Garage 2013 on February 1st at EX Plaza
4 February 2013
Longboarding has been around forever and has gained much popularity in recent years attracting people of …
24 January 2013
We got a chance to sit down with CITIZENS! at Fred Perry’s 60th Anniversary Party on November 28th at Lucy in The Sky
30 November 2012
Irine Roba, seorang petualang, mengupas lebih jauh mengenai Halmahera Barat; salah satu tujuan pariwisata dalam negeri …
25 October 2012
Sub-Cult recently sat down with Dominic Symons, Creative Director at BlueLounge, to find out just what the design guru is up to
22 October 2012
Claude Hutasoit has been dedicating his life to skateboarding and skate apparel that later developed into …
9 September 2012
Check out Opolopo and Amalia interview during their live performance at Capocaccia, Pacific Place Jakarta, Indonesia. Special …
28 June 2012
How long did it take to prepare this solo exhibition? Agus Suwage: From the preparation to final …
18 April 2012
We all know that YYD is inspired by your dogs What we wanna ask is, are …
12 May 2011
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