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Sub-Cult mendapatkan kesempatan untuk mengorek isi kepala dari orang dibalik video-video absurd Fluxcup
13 May 2014
Thrive Motorcycle
Seiring dengan perkembangan scene custom motorcycle lokal, banyak bermunculan bengkel custom, salah satunya yang cukup menonjol adalah Thrive Motorcycle
7 May 2014
An insightful guide to 150 of the most talented individuals and must-see creators from 10 Asian countries
25 March 2014
Underground house music key figure, Japanese DJ Shinsuke Chida (ENE Records) dropped by in Jakarta for a quick stop a few months ago to entertain us for a Pirate Session online radio show
12 March 2014
You’ve often heard about international bands being supported by Jägermeister, well we’re proud to announce that Seringai will be Indonesia’s first
4 February 2014
Sub-Cult talked to Yogyakarta based artist Uji ‘Hahan’ Handoko about his artwork for the movie Rocket Rain
20 January 2014
Jack Glass and Chris Stracey from Bag Riders gave Sub-Cult a moment of their holiday time in Bali to answer our questions
14 January 2014
Jet lag didn’t stop the British fashion designer Henry Holland from giving Sub-Cult his all when we interviewed him. Oh, and did we mention he’s super friendly?
9 December 2013
Sub-Cult drove down to Bandung during the weekend to have an exclusive chat with the man behind Beats in Space, Tim Sweeney
3 November 2013
Sub- Cult got a chance to talk to Amsterdam DJs Full Crate and Mar about their music, what inspires them, and who influenced their music
21 October 2013
An interview with the multi-talented girl Stacia Hadiutomo about her job in Oyster and designing alongside Josh Goot
30 September 2013
Harvy Abdurachman, Adhe Arrio, Rizky “Kimo” Ramadhan, John Paul “Choki” Patton and Hadistian “Iyas” Yasin have a passion for making music and they later established Double Deer Music September last year
17 September 2013
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