Mikiharu Yabe Introduces Asian Creatives
/ 25 March 2014

Asian Creatives is a book created by Hiroaki Shono, Yukie Mori and Mikiharu Yabe. The book is an insightful guide to 150 of the most talented individuals and must-see creators from 10 Asian countries (including China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Japan), with a guide that is complete with graphics, illustrations, photography, web art, and many more. These people are the ones expected to attract the attention of future generations to come with their attention-grabbing work.


Hiroaki_Shono web
Hiroaki Shono

The book also features interviews with key figures from each countries that discuss the current as well as future state of the creative scene in their country also other Asian country. Making this the go-to reference tool for anyone, from design students to already established designers. In the Indonesian page you will find already familiar names such as Ritchie Ned Hansel, Ykha Amelz, Davy Linggar, Nicoline Patricia Malina, Mullie Addlecoat, Eric Widjaja (Thinking Room), Max Suriaganda (Studio 1212) and more. Read below for Sub-Cult’s brief chat with Mikiharu Yabe.

Mikiharu_Yabe web
Mikiharu Yabe

How did the book Asian Creative started? What made you decide that you want to publish a book about 150 figures from the creative scene from around Asia?
ASIAN CREATIVES is a book planned and edited by “ubies” who run the Asian creativity platform “www.ubies.net.” In ubies, we hope to connect creative people in Asia, along with creative new projects, developing them simultaneously. In order to continue the development of creativity in Asia, which is changing and growing more rapidly each year, it is important to know and have a positive effect on each other. However, as the information needed to achieve this goal was still insufficient, we established Asian Creatives, in which we catalog current creative people in Asia, wishing to seek out the future together.

Yukie_Mori web
Yukie Mori

Based on what criteria did you pick the artists featured in Asian Creatives?
We based our criteria of those to feature around creative people in Asia, and those who are culturally important and will lead the next generation. When selecting, we also asked key figures who lead the creative scenes in these countries for their cooperation.

IMG_9040 copy

IMG_9024 copy

IMG_9037 copy

What has design and creativity taught you throughout your life?
Apart from ubies, I have been working as an artistic agent for fifteen years, and because of this, I have met a lot of people who create great designs. Listening to them, I learned that to make a good design, not only does it require the pursuit of one’s inner self, but that it is also necessary to think and consider deeply about the person for whom you are making the design. Then I noticed, that a society filled with good designs is also one that is considerate and spiritually rich.

IMG_9023 copy

Which creative figure do you have your eyes on now? Why?
Though I think that all those recently published in ASIAN CREATIVES are important creators who deserve attention, I feel great potential and charm from Nicoline Patricia Malina, as she sincerely values the traditions and culture of her country, whilst having a wide world perspective and outstanding skills, this being reflected in her own work.

IMG_9048 copy

IMG_9029 copy

Any upcoming projects that we should know about?
We will continuously hold the ASIAN CREATIVE AWARD with creative magazines from Asian countries, discover talented Asian creators, and nurture their gifts together. Furthermore, we are also planning to hold matching events to connect creative minds in Asia and to create new projects. We also plan to have an ubies site renewal in the spring, adding functions to be used for connections, so that the creators who are participating can utilize it more.

You can purchase your copy of Asian Creatives: 150 Most Promising Talents in Art, Design, Illustration and Photography here

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