Menswear Dog: Summer Interview
, / 25 June 2013

Hello Menswear Dog! Summer is coming up and we at Sub-Cult would like some advice from you regarding style, music, and summer-appropriate fashion.

What are your favorite pieces to wear this Summer?
Summer is an ideal time to be inventive since you no longer have the option of hiding under a pea coat. This summer, it’s about play around with color and texture and paying extra attention to the accessories.

Here are my favorite pieces for this Summer:
1. Sunglasses: You can’t go wrong with Persol’s PO0649 Light Havana Sunglasses. Most men own a pair of Aviators or Wayfarers but I’ve found that Persol’s keyhole sunglasses can really elevate an outfit.
2. Hat: For a casual outfit, a supreme hat. For a dressier occasion, a Stetson Trilby hat always completes the look.
3. Seersucker Suit: Whether it’s an outdoor wedding or an event near the beach, a seersucker suit will go a long way.


Any particular brand that you love at the moment?
I’ve always been a fan of Unionmade. J.Crew is great for menswear staples and for denim, Acne jeans.

So what’s on your Summer DOs list?
I have a lot of my Summer DO’s list, but always the most important on my list: Look Good and Feed Good.

How about the Summer DONTs list?
On my DONT’s list: Don’t be that guy wearing a wool vest in the middle of summer for the “sake of layering”


What are your top 5 tunes at the moment?
In no particular order:

1. Kavinsky – Protovision
2. Daft Punk – Lose yourself to Dance (Feat. Pharrell)
3. The Killers – Runaways
4. CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share
5. ALT-J – Fitzpleasure

What’s the best thing about spending summer in New York?
The best thing about spending summer in New York is the constant stream of street fashion that plays before your eyes. There’s always something or someone interesting to look at. It’s also really a city that never sleeps, especially in the Summer months. Whether it’s 4pm or 4am, you always hear of a party or event so there’s always an opportunity for adventure.

How would you describe spending the perfect day?
My perfect day would go like this: sleep, bacon, run, nap, bacon with peanut butter, poop, scratch, sleep. In that order.


Last but not least, any tips for our readers to survive the long hot (never-ending) summer days in Jakarta?
The best tip I can give is that looking good comes from being comfortable. Don’t feel obligated to wear a hot suit on a summer day when a crisp shirt and linen pants will do. A well-dressed man in a sweaty suit still means “sweaty dude” so don’t hesitate to add a few more weather-friendly cotton or linen options in your wardrobe.

Interview by  Vita Aviandhono
Photos courtesy of Menswear Dog

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