Marischka Prudence’s Love of Travel
/ 21 February 2013

Hi Marischka, what have you been doing lately?
I’m concentrating on writing right now, while keep on traveling of course. I am currently writing a book recounting my travel experiences and keeping a travel blog, www.marischka-prudence.com which contains tales from my travels and life. You can check out my blog and I hope it can encourage people to travel as well as search new experiences through traveling.


Can you tell us what made you want to start to be a travel lover in the first place?
It all started because I worked as a journalist. I was required to fare from one place to another to do coverage. Then, I got into a tour program which also requires me to travel to various places. The longer I stayed in the job, the more I enjoyed the new experiences I had when traveling. I am addicted to the thrill of traveling and now I always try to spare some time to travel at least once a month.


Many people talk about Festival Teluk Jailolo right now, we heard you helped out promoting the FTJ 2013 and had previously visited the event. Can you tell us about your experience during the event?
I have already visited FTJ two times, in 2010 and 2012, and I never felt bored visiting Jailolo since the scenery was extremely magnificent, the sea was so blue and pristine. I just am in love with that kind of sea. Furthermore, I also felt cultural experience there by engaging in a captivating cultural festival. From those two times I visited Jailolo, I shared photos and stories and surprisingly many people still do not know about what and where exactly is Jailolo, showing it is a not-so-well known and even less understood potential tourist destination. Therefore, I always spread the word in hoping to take people to my journey and make them want to feel the beauty of Jailolo.


Mention three things a tourist must visit/do while having a trip in Jailolo.
Please do visit Manyasal hill to see the overall view of Jailolo bay and Bobo beach to see a picturesque sunset. Also, do not forget to join Horum Sasadu cultural festival and do diving/snorkeling. I cannot even narrow down the list into just three things.


What was the most rewarding experience(s) during your trip in Jailolo?
Attending a cultural festival that run until midnight was probably the most rewarding experience for me during the trip. There, I joined a traditional feast and sat down with the locals in sasadu, Jailolo traditional house. Although there were some locals who could not converse in Indonesian, the language barrier and the hospitable traits of them did not seem to limit who we are and where we come from. We all danced, accompanied by traditional music.


Local festivals are increasingly being used as instrument for promoting tourism of Indonesia’s archipelagoes along with its local cultural traditions. Do you think it is a good tourism strategy to promote Indonesia? How?
Yes, it does. Indonesia has a lot of potential tourist destinations which are still so-not-well known due to the lack of information about the places. Eventually, it makes people worried over what is in those places, how to get there and so on. Festivals are used as a tourism promotion tool for it helps disseminating information widely. As soon as they get the information, hopefully people will be curious and decided to come.

We heard you love diving, where do you think is the best dive site(s) in Indonesia?
Wakatobi has a remarkably wide visibility underwater. Also, the coral reefs are so spectacularly diverse there. I once dived in Jailolo, but I forgot the name of the dive spot. What I perfectly remember is its beautiful soft corals. It felt like I was diving in a big aquarium because of its breath-taking underwater scenery.


If you could pick anyone in the world, who do you think would make a best travel partner to explore Indonesia? Why?

I’d choose Diego Bunuel since I love his “Don’t Tell My Mother” show (laughs).


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