Fahrani is FA’VELAPUNK
, / 19 June 2013

Sub-Cult has always been keeping tabs on your activity through your social media – seems that your life is really great. You’re into traveling; last that you went to was Hong Kong and USA. What were you doing there, if it’s alright for us to ask, was it for fun or work or maybe both?
I always travel for both purposes.

How’s your modelling job going?
It’s good. I am not modelling full time anymore, since Sydney fashion week in 2008. Now whenever client book me (it’s) because they want to use me as “me” than a model, so with inks on my skin and ever changing hair do, the jobs I am getting are FUN!


We heard that you’re recording your first single at the moment, is that true? Can you tell us the story of how you get into the music business?
YES!! I finished recording the first single just few weeks ago. It’s going to be released on the 29th of July worldwide. My first single, Cewe Rusak, is actually a track that I did when I was 16 with MC Sakhala for Provocateur (hip hop Indo) Compilation. I was Lady K back then, and it’s FA’VELAPUNK now. So music is always around but never took it serious. I am doing it now.

You’re very multi-talented. CAST, is now being worn by international artists, how do you feel about that?
PROUD. Most definitely.

Is there someone that you really really want to collaborate with, for CAST?
A$AP Rocky!! Working on that one!

Speaking of glasses, would CAST consider making 3D glasses for the movie theaters? Since the ones that we have in theaters now aren’t very. . .stylish looking, heheh
We are doing collaboration with a NYC base clothing brand, Collina Strada and we are actually doing a 3D glasses inspired eyewear for that collection. This year we have collaborations with few different brands from Australia, America and Indonesia. Watch the space in our website to see the development on that. I am also doing a limited edition line for FA’VELAPUNK, there are going to be collectible items such as sunglasses, few clothing pieces and jewelry.

You’ve also directed alongside Suffice for Specimen A’s Rock Star music video. We have to say, the video is hot! What were you thinking that it crossed your mind to shoot hot chicks making out and getting naked and so wasted?
Well SUFFICE actually came up with the initial concept of the 2 girls (PERV!!), I was helping him develop more of the details and actually directing and producing the video on set. I love doing it, def gonna do more of that in the future. The next video I directed is for GDYGUMDRPS, coming out soon.

Will you also be making a sexy video clip once your single is out?
TRIPPY is the word for Cewe Rusak music video.

You’ve known what it’s like to be a super model, movie star, designer, director, and singer. Is there anything else that you want to become?
A mother. I think I will be a really good one.

Thank you for your time, Fa. By the way we saw your Instagram photos of a party at a really big villa. Is that yours? Maybe you’d let us crash your party sometimes 
Unfortunately that villa isn’t mine. I live in the jungle. But yes, you guys are more than welcome to crash at my tree house!

Interview by Adita Kartasasmita 
Photos by Markus Diyanto and Stefano Zarperllon

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