Calvin DJC
/ 15 February 2016


Calvin, a Lover of Urban Life

City breaks, culinary tour, street art, cultural gateways, daylight adventure to nightlife scenes. These phrases pretty much give a big hint when we talk about urban travel. For a life enthusiast, exploring cities around the world is considered to be the real travel since it happens in the concrete jungles where culture and creativity pile up. Now forget about the beaches and mountains for a bit and meet a lover of urban life, Calvin DJC! He’s an urban traveler from Indonesia who currently lives in Taiwan and loves to find new places to travel to.


Shifting from Surabaya, the city where he was born, to Taiwan, addressed Calvin to not just seeing but feeling the sense of different cultures at such young age. These experiences tho’ , has rewarded him with a couple of eyes that can perceive and highlight the beauty in any mundane scenes. Calvin’s perception on good life; good love, good food and good music are showcased in his Instagram feed.

Recently, Sub-cult has caught up with Calvin DJC to find out just why he’s so passionate about urban travel and to get his insight on some of the best urban destinations. Read on!


Hi Calvin! How were you exposed to traveling?

Hey guys, I started to think about traveling when I fell in love with reading, especially reading a travel guidebook. And I saw amazing pictures from the book and I was like “God, I wanna be there”.

What influenced you to make travel a part of your life?

Traveling is more like something that came form the heart and it is other people you’ve met that influenced you to do more traveling. I am traveling because of the people I meet along the way. This world is full of people and anyone with any stories to share could inspire me. There’s a connection between me and someone from different culture, different background, yet someone who isn’t much different from me that I might not know or seen during my life if I had I not been traveling.

You don’t have to travel to a far away country at the tip of the continent. The places where such a neighboring town or a place that we often go could be traveling destination. As long as we do things we love, and we have the attitude to want to learn about what we get for traveling, that’s what made traveling for me. By traveling with this attitude, I will always be open to positives changes and new things anytime anywhere.

How many places have you traveled to so far?

Heaps, most of them are in Australasia and Oceania.

Why are you so passionate about urban travel?

City life has lots to offer, and it will always be different day by day. I am passionate to travel and to explore all of them.


What is your favorite city? Why?

Taipei of course. Street food heaven, amazing public transportation, friendly people, mixed culture, breath-taking night views, and last: the convenience store. You don’t know what convenience really means until you go to a 7-11 in Taipei.

You grew up in Surabaya, how did growing up there affect your passion for urban travel?

Actually, it’s my time in Taiwan and New Zealand that affects me a lot. I live alone far from home since I was 15, and my point of view has been dramatically different ever since. I’m a guy who enjoys learning, and I always push myself to break out of my comfort zone. All these experiences give me excitement to do more traveling!

Do you ever get tired of city life? If so, Why?

Not even. But I’m deep enough to appreciate the nature.


What is the greatest lesson you have learned on the road?

As a life enthusiast, discovering new and interesting patterns in life is what I do. And traveling is a lifelong journey of learning. Traveling around the world and seeing people in all sorts of circumstances makes me appreciate my freedom more and more. Also, it made me realize that life’s short, for god’s sake, do what makes you happy.

In your opinion, what should traveling be like?

Somewhere, anywhere seriously. It doesn’t have to be a faraway country in a different continent; it can be a city next to your hometown. And I don’t think it matters if I’m gone for one day, a month, or a year. As long as you do the things you have never done before and you are willing to learn about the places you happily visit and about yourself in the process, that’s what traveling should be.

When planning a trip to a new destination, what’s your preparation or maybe survival guide you use to ensure that you’ll have an authentic and local experience?

We do know that everything is on the Internet nowadays, and it’s always a great idea to do the research on the culture, traditions, and daily life before we travel to a new destination. But the key and the joy of traveling is to meet local friends and explore with them. Locals offer a perspective you’ll likely never receive from a mainstream tour operator.

What’s your favorite urban destination?

Skyscraper city: Hong Kong.


What does your travel plan for 2016 include?

Vietnam and India!

Thank you for sharing your passion and insights on traveling with us, Calvin!


Interviewed by Mahda Maria

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