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We did an interview with Domenic Palermo the guitarist/vocalist/songwriter of Nothing
22 September 2016
15 September 2016
This Australian instrumental hip hop producer talks about his music, photography, to other things in a casual talk inside a festival tent
8 September 2016
We did an interview with the rising star electronic duo Sunmantra!
29 August 2016
Now forget about the beaches and mountains for a bit and meet a lover of urban life, Calvin DJC!
15 February 2016
Find out what kind of dirt we dug up during our interview with Stars’ frontman, Torquil Campbell
11 February 2016
We had the chance to meet Alan Palomo from Neon Indian, thanks to Prasvana for bringing the muy caliente hombre to Jakarta
27 November 2015
Nudie Jeans’ Bryce Alton and Doug Bollen paid a visit to Club Culture’s store a couple of days ago and we had the chance to interview them
7 December 2014
Get to know Agan Harahap the man behind the outrageous and hilarious photographs that’s been circling the internet for quite some time now
23 October 2014
Sub-Cult let the intelligent adult performer Stoya tells us the difference between erotic and sexy – and we are such a sucker for hot girls with brains
17 September 2014
Welcome to the psychedelic and deeply fascinating mind of illustrator Kendra Ahimsa. We talked about everything to this trippy illustrator, from Bhagavad Gita to acid font
22 August 2014
Plan B Homeware
The home and design Indonesian made Plan B’s creative duo Anezka and Ifa shares decorating ideas to Sub-Cult over margaritas and spiced chocolate
18 June 2014
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