Vespa: Bandung Journey pt.2
, / 20 July 2013

After last night’s restful sleep in Stevie 6’s comfortable bed, we woke up early to sightsee around the hotel for photos before heading for breakfast. Bandung’s weather is always chilly, so it’s natural that mornings are colder. This kind of weather is very agreeable to ride around on a Vespa. No sweat, no hassle. Just the way we like it.

After both of us finished showering, we head straight to Sugar & Cream for breakfast. We choose the seat overlooking view of the hotel below and the city of Bandung. Because the weather was so clear, we were very lucky to get a faint glimpse of the mountains far away. The sky was clear and high, steady cool breeze, and huge white clouds sailed above. Aren’t we lucky to be enjoying breakfast with this lovely view.



Since we know we’re going to have a super productive day ahead of us, we ordered quite a lot for breakfast (besides, we worked up an appetite walking around the hotel earlier). First up was their recommended Wagyu Fried Rice, the diced wagyu and fried rice is wrapped inside an omelet with leek and red chili, and came with a side of greens. Second dish is Bourbon Glaze Norwegian Salmon; this fillet is glazed with bourbon and red wine, and comes with a side of ratatouille, asparagus, and mashed potato.



Still having room in our stomach for a dessert, we decided to share a plate of Chocolate Mousse Cake that comes with strawberry sauce. We’re not really a fan of hard and frozen cake, so it was a delight when the creaminess of the cake melts in our mouth. To kick-start the day with oomph, we ordered their signature drinks the Apple Mojito and Berries Martini, both drinks are very fresh and not too heavy for brunches.



Before we leave, their PR told us the next time we come there we should definitely try their Tequila Sunrise and Maja Seductive which is a mix of tequila, gin, vodka, Cointreau, light rum, blue curacao, and red bull. We will, but perhaps after the sun has gone down. Here’s the crazy part, they’re also having a promo where you get 15 bottles of beer for the mere price of IDR 150,000!


After breakfast was done, we sat around for a few more minutes to just take in the view from atop. We can’t wait to see the next place, which is a workshop for ceramics. Since this is the first time we’re going to a ceramic workshop, we’re pretty excited to see what’s in store.

Jl. Sersan Bajuri No.72, Bandung 40559, West Java. www.majagroup.co.id.

We heard about this place that produces good ceramics, we drove up to a residential area to where their workshop is. We were greeted warmly the moment we arrived at their office/workshop, and proceed to make our way upstairs where Ghia and Nuri introduced us to the rest of the team. The company has been going on for 8 years and let everything flows when it comes to inspiration.


Turns out that most of their products are made to order, from accessories to dining wares. If you want to check out their goods, you can visit The Goods Dept and dia.lo.gue in Jakarta or visit UNKL in Bandung. They told us that last year they got into Notcot.org and this really pushes sales, they were even featured in Monocle. They have an impressive list of customers including hotels and restaurants, and most of their customers are Japanese and foreigners. “It’s tricky to open our own store, so most of our sales are online based.” Nuri explained.


We learned some pretty interesting facts here; materials are crucial, even if the design is bad if the materials are good then it’s going to look good. They also told us that they were surprised their tableware sold out fast at Brightspot Market. Everyone loves cute ceramic tableware.



Kandura have had people working with them for a short basis as a form to work outside their comfort zone. There was once a Chinese Canadian who designed for them for a month, Kandura encourages these people to think outside the norm and picking designs that are out of the ordinary. One of their products is the porcelain ring once sold at Potato Head Bali then Amsterdam, also we are happy to report that we picked up a rabbit porcelain ring. It was gorgeous!



After talking some more while enjoying a freshly brewed coffee with local fresh milk, they showed us around their workshop where all the process happens from coloration to where they bake their ceramics. It was very cool. We finally said our thanks and goodbye, it was lunchtime and we’re ready for some delicious food.



Kandura Keramik, Jl. Cigadung Raya Barat no.20K, Bandung 40191. kandurakeramik.com

We’re no stranger to this place. Whenever we’re in town we always make the time to drop by and visit Fabrik for a bite to eat. Arriving at the recently renovated eatery and bar for lunch, we picked a table at the back where we get a view of the semi-open kitchen.





Without wasting time we ordered the Thai Tea Bubble and Fruit Paradise that will suit healthy juice fans. For main course we had their recommended Black Burger which is a must try; it uses black bun from squid ink, comes with a side of seasoned potato chips, the meat is juicy and flavorful, and the orange cheese. . .don’t even get me started on the cheese (the combination is so delicious none of us utter a word as we eat).




Their Holy Shit Chicken (yes, you heard that right) is up next; half chicken roasted with herbs, placed on top of potato croquette. This, too, is very satisfying. Their food is very flavorful. Topping it off is the Warm Dark Chocolate served with vanilla ice cream.




Having to have a bit of free time before dinner, we choose this moment to just enjoy the streets of Bandung on our New Vespa LX and meet a few friends who lives here. We also asked around our friends about the place we’re going for dinner later, the 18th Floor, and from all the good reviews we’ve heard we decided to build up our appetite.



Jl. Riau No.107, Bandung 40114

Situated in the luxury Trans Hotel, this place is the crème de la crème of our visit in Bandung. If you’ve never been here before, you really should make the time to visit the only 6 stars hotel available in Indonesia. Trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed.


We’ve heard so much good review about the food in 18th Floor, so we really can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. The restaurant offers Western Japanese fusion cuisine. It is divided into two areas; semi fine dining indoor and loungy outdoor where there’s a DJ booth.



Since they’re not open for breakfast and lunch, it’s usually flooded by youngsters during the weekend starting at 8pm. The signature of the place is their iconic “sky walk”, it’s 80 meters above ground level and guests would take pictures there as they wait for their food and drink to arrive. The restaurant offers an amazing view of the sunset (and sunrise), and it is recommended that you come up here to see the sunset before dinner.

At the beginning the place was supposed to be a fine dining restaurant. Then it became casual dining with a fine dining menu. The guests are recommended to have amuse bouche to tease the palette before dinner – if you order a la carte you automatically get an amuse bouche. Another great point about the place is that they don’t want people to wait too long for their food; it’s supposed to be served fresh.


For drinks we tried Bubble in the Sky a sweet and sour mocktail with their freshly made ‘bubbles’, Sunset Time which is a mix of rum, grapefruit, blueberry, a bit of tequila, that when layered the color goes from light to dark just like a sunset. We ordered their most talked about meals, for appetizer Foie Gras. Seared with only with butter and served with English muffin on the bottom, apple compoté and pumpkin purée. Ate with all the layers together and we swear it’s heaven in your mouth.


Next up is the Wagyu Yakitori, cooked specially using a Robata grill and served with yakitori sauce, then Miso Sea-bass; using Japanese marinating technique this dish is served with baked potato, and a unique thing, the wild Sea bass comes with a pipet that you can pull out of the fish and baste it according to your taste. It’s enough to just give a slight drizzle, even without it the fish is already so flavorful.



The restaurant is really open to changes and custom made food. Most of their guests are so familiar with their menu (they’ve probably tried everything before) that the chef are more than willing to create an off-the-menu dish for their guests. This is also the right moment to tell you that 18th Floor sells the mega luxury Opus One wine. They sold so much that the people from Opus One came for the first time to Indonesia, Bandung to be exact, just to host a private dinner for 40 people.



Last but not least is the Deconstructed Tiramisu. This dessert is literally a piece of art, made using real mascarpone cheese, mocha sauce, and black olive powder. Why black olive? Because the taste goes well with mocha (and now you know). The outside of the tiramisu is created by their pastry chef and sculpted to perfection, so much that it feels like a shame to ruin it by taking a scoop with our spoon. It’s light and airy, perfect after a heavy dinner for the people that don’t want to be too stuffed.



Our Vespa Bandung trip has finally come to an end, and we are very lucky to experience this two days of fun. Hopefully, we’ll be back again soon.

The Trans Luxury Hotel, Gatot Subroto 289, Bandung 40273. www.thetranshotel.com

This program is supported by Vespa Indonesia


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