Vespa: Bandung Journey pt.1
, / 19 July 2013

Vespa was kind enough to invite us for another riding journey. This time the destination was Bandung. Since Bandung is only a few hours’ drive from Jakarta, we pack our bags and leave in the break of dawn. We decide to stay for one night in Bandung, because riding around Bandung for two days is enough time. The city isn’t too big and distance from one place to another is quite near.

It was cloudy when we arrived in Bandung; the weather was agreeably cool and breezy. Such a pleasant change from humid and crowded Jakarta. We’re all so excited to get the day started and drive around. Although we’re starting to feel hungry, we decided to hold it in a little bit longer because we need to check in at the hotel.

We arrived to our hotel, Stevie 6, the hotel features 24 executive bedroom that features certain uniqueness. That’s what we love about this hotel, each and every room is decorated differently with state of the art facilities according to the themes – and you’ll never know which room you’ll end up in, so another additional surprise!


With rooms named such as The Deer Hunter, Alice Is Lost, Seville Row, What Is Pop Art, Saturday Retro Fever, Gelateria, The Great Escape, and many more, it’s no wonder guests’ keeps on coming back for more just to experience each and every room.



Upon entering the hotel lobby, there are three sheep decorations on top of a green carpet, behind it are the wall/door leading to the rooms. After friendly assistance from the staff at the front desk, someone showed us to our room. Room 208, it was called Picnic At The Green Grass. The room has synthetic grass for carpets and there was (also) a sheep in our room. There was a zebra painted on the white brick walls. We are extremely pleased.



After putting all our belongings in the room we walked outside to meet a representative from Vespa in the hotel parking lot. He was very nice and helpful as he got us ready to ride our white New Vespa LX 150 3V. First thing to do after this is to finally get some food at Rocca.


Jl. Sersan Bajuri No.72, Bandung.

Rocca is first on our restaurant list. The restaurant has a light and cheerful atmosphere; the floor-length roll-window and brick walls give a homey touch, and murals out on the parking lot wall is a nice artistic touch that guests could look at as they eat.

Licky, one of the owner chatted with us, he was very friendly, and he also introduced us to the head chef who gave us recommendation to their house specialty. This was a great thing because after that long drive from Jakarta to Bandung we are more than starving.

For starter we ordered Rocca Tacos stuffed with grilled chicken, tomato salsa, chili con carne with cheddar cheese, and Smoked Beef and Mushroom Quiche served with Greek salad with a generous serving of Feta cheese.



Then for main course we have Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon served with warm potato salad, star fruit slaw, and mustard beurre blanc sauce, XO Fried  Rice, Triple Decker Sandwich, and Tom Yam Oxtail, which was one of our favorite cause this dish is full of flavor – and perfect for a cold afternoon in Bandung.




Of course it’s not a complete meal without dessert and that’s where Rocca-Smores steps in, marshmallows on top and extra creamy crème brûlée and chocolate on the bottom – when has this combination ever gone wrong? Probably never. We licked it clean like cats and cream. With our dessert we also order Rocca Macchiato with Baileys and Kahlua, and Brulee Coffee with whiskey.



Now that we’re full and energized, we’re ready for a little sightseeing. We heard that U&KL has an interesting warehouse that we can visit, after asking for directions we hopped on our Vespa and drove off.

Jl. Progo 16, Bandung 40115.

We visited their warehouse, off a beaten path into this old warehouse with peeled paint on the walls. It may look like nothing now but upon driving further into the compound we found a bright yellow van.


Behind that van was their warehouse, and oh my god. . . Upon entering you could see all the interesting furniture and home wares. The warehouse didn’t even look like a warehouse anymore; it looks like someone’s loft apartment filled with cool things.



We can’t think of a single thing that we didn’t want, everything from chairs, tables, bed, wall decorations, were all positioned so interesting that it looks like natural furnishing in someone’s (very stylish) home.




We sat down with Eddy Brokoli and Ippin for friendly chit chats over coffee. They told us about how the company first started which was 1998, and what U&KL meant, “Us and Kind of Life.” Eddy said as he explained further.



After a few hours of just hanging out and having a few laughs, we decided it’s best to leave soon because we sense that there might be a drizzle coming up. After taking pictures of the two, we said our final goodbyes and drove off into our next destination.

Jl. Gudang Selatan No.88, Bandung 40112, West Java.

After a long day conversing with people and circling Bandung on our Vespa New LX 150 3V, we finally stop for dinner at Hartwood. The place is always crowded for dinner, but luckily we found ourselves a comfortable seat by the wine case. The restaurant was dimly lit with wooden bar and wooden floor, the indoor area has white brick wall with black and white photographs on it. Feels like home, a home with an outdoor bar that is.



Since we are joined with our friends, for starter it’s only fitting that we order Spicy Calamari with Mango Sauce and their Plate of Lucks, this appetizer plate is perfect for sharing; it includes nachos, sausages, potato wedges, chicken wings and spring rolls served with two choices of sauces: barbecue and Bangkok sauce.



For the main course we ordered Half Roasted Chicken, Grilled Chicken Penne Alfredo, Fish and Chips, and Sirloin with mashed potato and mushroom sauce.




For dessert we tried their delicious Milky Way, a creamy liquor drink with vodka banana and Kahlua, and Espresso Martini. If you want something healthy they have Strawcimon, a mix of strawberry, lychee and lemon, also their Healthy Juice that consists of pineapple and kiwi.


Finally it’s starting to get late and we’re pretty tired, besides we don’t want to ride too late because the location of the hotel is quite far. With that we drive back into the hotel to get a good night’s sleep to save energy for another early driving adventure around town.

Hartwood Grill & Bar, Jl. Cimanuk 12 Bandung 

This program is supported by Vespa Indonesia

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