Vespa: A Journey in Bali Day 3
, / 29 June 2013

This is our last day in Bali, so we want to make the best of it. We wake up very early and have a quick breakfast at the hotel, toast and coffee. Our body is aching from the long ride yesterday, so choose to treat ourselves to a good massage this morning. We grab our Vespa and off we go.


Whenever we are in Bali we always make the time to visit Bodyworks. This place is amazing, fantastic for a girl’s day out also for those in need of a good relaxation. We arrive early and turns out we’re the first customer. It didn’t take long before people started pouring in after we finished registering our names at the reception.




The masseuses approach and lead us to the private massage room. There’s a proper massage bed and a bathtub filled with jasmine, which fragrance filled the entire room and relaxes our body instantly. We both had the Mandi Lulur package, which is a full hour massage, followed by a full body scrub, and finish off with a flower bath. The masseuse treats us like princess. We are not even allowed to wash our own body, they just tell us to relax and enjoy the treatment – which suits us just fine. While we relaxed for 10 minutes in a hot bath filled with flowers, our masseuses left to get us fresh juice. Life is good.







Every time we left the hotel with our Vespa to go out, we always pass Taco Local. It’s located in Kerobokan, an area where the beautiful people hang out. This time around we are not just passing by, but stopping to have lunch. We have tried Taco Local before in Jakarta, and have always loved their food and the atmosphere of the restaurant.


Taco Local Bali has an extensive menu compared to the one in Jakarta. The interior is very interesting, they used a lot of antiques and refurbished furniture. There’s this one corner that really grabbed our attention because there’s two big peacock rattan chairs that is very beautiful, naturally we choose to sit here.


Because we’re both starving, we ordered straight away; Taco Alpastor, Taco Pescado, Burito Carnitas, also Margarita and Sandia Fresca for drinks. We have to say, although the portion looks a bit small turns out that it wasn’t and we are happily stuffed. Plus it’s so delicious. Lunch time in Taco Local is always full, and the great thing about coming here is the pretty girls and the cute guys. Yeah, good food and good looking people in the same place.





Jl. Petitenget No.900, Kerobokan


This is our last day in Bali and our body is worn out, so we chose Mantra for our dinner destination because they serve healthy food and that’s exactly what we need. As soon as we arrive in Mantra their PR greeted us, he is such a hospitable person, and showed us to our outdoor table. The interior of is very good, they use the concept of using second-hand furniture and restoring them.




Their chef walks over to our table and asks how our day was, we talked and he gave us food recommendations. We ordered the Bloody Mary Seafood Platter, also chicken and cucumber salad that has uses the best sauce ever, it made the food taste even fresher. For drinks we order Silver Angel, which is vodka with fresh lime juice, passion fruit and sparkling wine, and Chambord Sour, which is vodka mixed with Chambord fresh lemon juice, egg white, and blackcurrant soaked in Cointreau. These drinks are really good, we’re sure girls would love this drink, although we did hope that they’ll give us something stronger than this.




Sitting in Mantra until late night enjoying their selection of good chill music, time really flies by and before we know it it’s time to head back because we need to catch the last flight.

www.mantrabali.com, Jl. Petitinget Raya 77x, Bali

Our journey around Bali is really memorable. Bali really is the perfect place to drive a Vespa around, and now there are lots of places in Bali that rents Vespa with affordable price. So next time, if we’re ever in Bali again, we’re definitely renting these babies to drive around. Not only that driving a Vespa is easier it’s more comfortable, besides we look more stylish (you’re thinking it too). So thank you Vespa for the unforgettable journey.

This program is supported by Vespa Indonesia 

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