Vespa: A Journey in Bali Day 2
, / 28 June 2013

This morning, the sun is shining bright again. We are rushing to get ready so that we can enjoy the sun while out riding our Vespa. Our first of the day is of course somewhere where we can have breakfast, and luckily just ten minutes away from our Brown Feather there is this quirky restaurant that serves the best breakfast on the island.



Even the name sounds very interesting. When you hear the word circus, you expect colors, clowns, and acrobat. Well voila! Right in front of the restaurant you will get all that and more as colorful murals along with circus ornaments and it is very visually appealing. We parked our Vespa right in front of the mural, so people get to check out our stylish LX 150 when they walk pass.




We enter the restaurant and although it’s only 9am, the place is already full. People love having breakfast at Sea Circus; the waitresses are friendly always greeting us with a big smile.


There are also colorful murals inside, the British owner did this herself, and we think it’s pretty cool. We sit at the long table on bar stools, which is right in front of the restaurant.


We already know what to order, cause we’ve been here before and always order the same breakfast menu that the chef recommends. This morning our menu consists of Egg Salmon Scramble, Avo Egg, Agung Black Tea, Berrylicious smoothie, and not to miss their awesome Cappuccino. Their tea and coffee comes with words of wisdom that makes a positive (and powerful) difference to your day. Ours was, “She wasn’t doing a thing that I could see, except standing there, leaning on the balcony railing, holding the universe together.” It’s a line from J.D. Salinger’s book, A Girl I Knew. We finish our breakfast, sipping the last bit of the cappuccino, and away we go with our Vespa to our next destination. The Beach!






www.seacircus-bali.com, 22 Jalan Kayu Aya (Oberoi Rd), Seminyak, Bali.


From Seminyak to Uluwatu takes us an hour by Vespa. It’s the best riding journey that we ever experience. The view from Uluwatu’s main road is amazing; we can see the Pacific Ocean from the highest point. We use the new Vespa LX 150 for this journey for its lightness and economical.


We arrive at the beach at high noon. As you know, beach at noon is very hot, so we use this advantage to take a dip in the warm ocean waters. Not many people know this beach existed, and we’d like to keep it that way. The beach is empty. However, this emptiness is exactly what we are expecting.







We lounged around for about two hours until we feel our stomach is crying for food. So we took one last glimpse of our secret private beach, pack our beach towels and off we go to find a good lunch.


This place is hilarious and awesome. If you are bored waiting for the food to come, you can just go read the awesome menu and story behind the owner, and watch a surf movie that is always playing on the plasma TV. If you are lucky, you will bump into famous pro surfers eating and chillin at this place. The best thing about this place is the price. For a huge amount of serving on your plate will only cost you IDR 58,000. No wonder all surfers have their lunch and dinner here, because after catching those big waves, you’ll want an equally big fiesta in your tummy.






We’re very lucky to be able to meet Cacho in person. Cacho is the owner of Cacho’s Sunset Grill (obviously). He originally came from Puerto Rico and moved to Bali to surf, he liked it so much that he decide to stay. Cacho is a very funny man with lots of interesting stories to tell. He build Sunset Grill for the lifestyle, and was never about the money. While listening to Cacho’s interesting stories, we decided to order lunch and pick the Fish Chimichanga, a large flour tortilla stuffed with mahi-mahi, rolled with re-fried beans and cheese, and order some Nachos. The foods are awesome. The taste is very authentic Mexican. Before we go, Cacho gives both of us complimentary drink, which is their famous frozen margarita, and we have to say that this is the best margarita we tried so far in Bali. We really don’t want to leave, but sadly, we have to go to catch the sunset at our next destination. Again, we hop on our Vespa and head to our next destination.





Jl Labuhan Sait, Padang-PadangDenpasar, Bali.


This is the place you want to be in just to catch a view of a wonderful sunset from a cliff. The place is a bit remote and the road leading to this place is quite off-road. We didn’t mind any bit of that, because when we finally arrive, everything is just worth it! The very nice hostess welcomes us at the main entrance and WOW, the view is amazing!  The waitress showed us to our table, the golden view seat, by the pool area. This is the best seat at the beach club where we can see the perfect horizontal line of the Pacific Ocean and of course the best view of the sunset.






While waiting for the sun to set, we order some tapas, which El Kabron is best known for. We order Pancetta Escalivada Romesco, Fritura De Gambas Con Crema De Ajo and Gazpacho. Enjoying the sunset is not complete without cocktails. The Mixologist recommends us to try San Francisco, Uluwatu Fiz and Bingin Sour, so we did. It feels like we are in heaven, sitting on a beanbag right in front of a cliff, viewing the amazing Uluwatu sunset while sipping delicious cocktails. There is no place we would rather be than here right now.






www.chiringuitoelkabron.comJl. Pantai Cemongkak, Pecatu, Bali

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