Vespa: A Journey in Bali Day 1
, / 27 June 2013

When Vespa picked Sub-Cult to go on a Vespa journey to Bali, we decided to do it in style. We picked awesome places that we’d love to visit during the journey. We packed our summer outfits, bathing suits, sunblock, extra sunglasses and our summer playlist. Bali here we come!

We land in Ngurah Rai Airport Denpasar at nine in the morning. Looking out from the airplane window, we can see the sky is clear; a perfect day for Vespa riding under the Bali sun. Waiting for our luggage at the baggage claim, the airport is packed with human. We’re pretty sure Bali is crammed with people because of summer school holiday. We can smell the teen spirit is ready to party on this awesome island. After retrieving our luggage, we rush outside to find Pak Wawan, a representative from Vespa. He was there standing tall with a big smile on his face while holding a piece of paper with our names on it. He introduces himself and helps us carry the luggage into his car and off we go to the hotel.


The hotel we are staying in is a comfortable hiding nest in Batu Belig, just five minutes away from Bali’s shopping district Seminyak. The staff welcomes us with refreshing fruity drinks and a cold hand towel as we entered the boutique hotel. Brown Feather was built in the style of semi colonial 40s combine with Bali’s open space, with the feel of a warm homey and eclectic. Comfortable rattan chairs in the living room, old teak dining table and ceramic plates, vintage bikes, and potted tropical plants in every corners of the hotel. The rooms are also lovely and homey, it was well decorated without being too much but just right. Our bathroom has a lovely beaten copper claw-foot bathtub. Standing there makes me feel like I’m in a Sophia Coppola movie.









After settling in, change our clothes, we soon head off to the hotel parking lot to check out our Vespa! How exciting, we get to ride on the new Vespa LX and S Type. So away we go to our next destination for lunch.


www.brownfeather.comJl. Batu Belig no 100, Kerobokan, Kuta Utara, Bali 80361.


It only took us ten minutes from the hotel to Motel Mexicola. Riding on an empty stomach sure made us work up quite an appetite, and we are definitely ready for a big Mexican feast. Oh right, before we proceed further, we need to tell you that Motel Mexicola is not a hotel but a restaurant (people still get mixed up). This place is aesthetically amazing and worth the visit just to see the sight – a Mexican oasis in the middle of Bali. There are so many little details and trinkets to look at, not to mention a shrine with lots of colorful half-melted candles to thank the food God. We picked a seat outdoor and order ground pork and chicken taco, churros, margaritas and mojitos. Happy tummy makes a happy face.





This lunch is to give us energy, because our next destination is shopping. We hop on our Vespa and head to one of our favorite shop in Bali.

www.motelmexicolabali.com, Jl. Kayujati 9X, Petitenget Bali.


Girls just wanna have fun and it ain’t fun if we don’t include shopping in our itinerary. This Is A Love Song is a concept store that carries both local and international brands besides their own T.I.A.L.S brand – is a must visit store in Bali. We parked our Vespa on the side of the store and entered. On the store display case was a signage that says ‘always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn’, how cute is that. The store’s interior is very simple but fill with little knickknacks of surprise. We couldn’t resist the urge to shop here, so there goes our credit card bill.









Adjoin to the store is a sweet little coffee shop called Revolver. The room is filled with people chitchatting, enjoying their moment in the homey and comfortable atmosphere. Dog owners would be pleased to know that canines are most welcome here; dogs are allowed to have a seat on the sofa – definitely a plus for us!



www.thisisalovesong.comJalan Kayu Aya 3, Seminyak Denpasar, Bali 80361.


After a long shopping session, we head to Potato Head Beach Club to catch the sunset while sipping cocktails in their infinity pool. We were lucky to get the day bed by the pool. This place is like a playground for the beautiful people; the PYT laughed and talked while summer appropriate playlist hummed in the background of their chatter.





We order the cocktails that are recommended by the Mixologist. First to come is the famous Potato Head Bloody Mary; they blended yellow bell peppers with citrus vodka and pressed tomato juice, seasoned with Indonesian hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce and black peppercorns. It’s set with peppered rim, fresh celery and cherry tomatoes. The second cocktail is called PH20, containing zesty citrus vodka, bitter Campari, fresh orange juice, delicious raspberry purée shaken with juicy grapefruit and orange sherbet. This drink is so fresh we couldn’t think a more appropriate fruity drink by the beach.


We still couldn’t get enough of the delicious cocktails and order some more, this time going for the Indos Nesos, or as they say it Milk of the Gods! It consists of reviving vanilla, vodka, ambrosial apricot liqueur mix, with lip-smacking lychee juice and rich coconut crème. Served in a tall glass, this drink is very suitable for summer. We also ordered Zombie, this cocktail was said to be named after the ‘reported state of customers’ after consuming too many of this drink. Zombie is a mix of three different rums, lime, pink grapefruit, cherry liqueur, passion fruit syrup, grenadine, and aromatic bitters served in a very cute monster Tiki cup.


After drinking all the cocktails we started to feel hungry again and ordered Welcome to PH. This is one of Potato Head’s signature dishes; there’s gazpacho, pork rillettes, wagyu burger, fish and chips, vegetables crudités, and garlic bread. Everything (and we mean everything) on that plate is delish! Plus the presentation of the food is good too, so good that a guy actually walked over to us and asks what we’re having cause he wants to order the same thing.


The sun is finally setting. Our purpose of coming to Potato Head Beach Club was to enjoy the sunset while taking a dip in the pool with a glass of their recommended cocktails. This time it’s called Spiced Indonesian Island Punch, which consists of Cuban rum spice and island-spice sugar blended with mango, guava, and lime juice. This punch is served in a quite large bowl, complete with a ladle to pour ourselves the drink. This drink is actually enough to serve 4-6 people, but since there are only two of us, we finished it all off. Besides, it’s impossible not to finish it since it tastes freshly delicious. We think this is the right drink to have while watching the sunset with your friends. At the edge of the pool, everyone just stood there watching the beautiful sunset. It was so fun. Sunset by the pool is absolutely divine!



www.ptthead.com, Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali 80361.

This Program supported by Vespa Indonesia.

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