Roemah Pulomanuk’s Enchanting Vibe
/ 29 August 2012

If you’ve been searching for the perfect beach getaway in Java, Roemah Pulomanuk might be the right answer for you. Located in Pulomanuk Village in Bayah – Banten, West Java, Roemah Pulomanuk is 6 km away from a forest reserve. It takes around 5 hours to get there by car from Jakarta. The name Pulomanuk means a rock formation that is a nesting area for birds. Pulo means island, Manuk is the Sundanese word for birds. The house itself sits on the beach that faces the rock.

Roemah Pulomanuk was a private house for friends and families to rest during holiday where they can cook, eat, play, explore the nature and learn, but recently it is open for public to rent. The design of the house is originated from Rumah Joglo, a traditional Central Java house. The interior is a plus; a combination of modern and traditional with a touch of ethnic decorations here and there, resulting in an eclectic feel.

Roemah Pulomanuk consists of 5 buildings. The main pavilion bungalow, a master bedroom bungalow and a bungalow that houses 4 guest rooms. The kitchen is a separate building nearby to the main pavilion and is open on 3 sides, which is great for communal cooking. The last building is a utility building, the storeroom and generator, as well as a bathroom. There is no TV, telephone or AC in Roemah Pulomanuk, but hey, who needs one when you have the beach in your backyard and a house surrounded by beautiful trees where the wind breezes?

Roemah Pulomanuk is perfect for reading a book, sleeping in all day, having a feast with friends and families; true bonding time guaranteed. They also have an outdoor dining area, where you can enjoy your dinner under the starry sky. At night, you can open the window and let the wind breeze in, no need to be afraid of the mosquitos because there are none.

Hot water from a solar heater and fan are available for each room. And for those with young children, an outdoor cinema can be put up in short order. This is an effective way to get the children occupied after dark while the adults prepare dinner and have some adult time.The back of the property faces the Indian Ocean and a white sand beach that stretches for about 1km. It feels like you’re in your own private beach. The beach itself is very clean; quiet and no trash can be seen. There are many outdoor activities to enjoy, such as; biking and jogging into the woods, get some bodyboard action, play and have picnics at the beach.

It is better to bring your own food to cook, because the house is quite far from everywhere. Although to eat fresh fish, there’s a fish market that sells fresh seafood at a cheap price. You can ask the helper there to buy it for you or you can go jog to the market yourself. The best time to visit rumah pulomanuk is during the southern hemisphere winter as the days are bright and blue, while the nights are cool and the sky is filled with stars.

For bookings and reservations, you can contact +62878-8886-6680 or email roemahpulomanuk@gmail.com

Words by Adita Kartasasmita
Photos by Roemah Pulomanuk

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